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Evolucija Interview

Evolucija Interview By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today? Ilana: Thanks, we are doing very well! We enjoy the summer in Serbia. We have a lot of sunny days here and the temperature is mostly over 30 degrees Celsius.   Can  you please tell us about Evolucija, how the band

Interview With Sabaton

Sabaton reacting to comments A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf Hello hello! Joakim Brodén: Hello METALHEADS FOREVER!   You are releasing a new single in a couple of days, the 3rd official single from your new album. You are obviously doing a lot of interviews, and you are almost always on tour, I reckon you are currently

Interview With Belzebubs

Chelf and BELZEBUBS were left unattended. This is what happened: Chelf : Belzebubs I summon thee. Would you join me in a series of hypothetical scenarios? Hop on! You are on a psychotic killing spree. What song is playing during the slaying? Obesyx: Ars Moriendi by Mr Bungle! Hubbath: Damn, t-that was fast…looks like you've

Interview With Wormwood

This or that with Wormwood A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf Summer of 2019. June 1st. They took us back 152 years. What does one pack to travel back to 1867? To a year when the summer never came to Sweden. A devastating famine ravaged throughout the country. The scars from the starvation and the

Pink Cocoon Interview

Pink Cocoon Interview By Keith Clement Greetings Marc, How are you today? I’m Keith from Metalheads forever, and glad to do this interview with you today? Hey keith! I’m doing pretty good. Awesome I’m pretty excited about this interview. Tell me how Pink Cocoon started? It all started when I recorded the Alienation EP  in

Interview With Warrior Path

Warrior Path Valhalla via greece. next stop: sinnersworld.   By Chelf   Hello and welcome to our metal kingdom. Hello and thank you for the invitation! -Pack a bag. We are heading to Valhalla. How does that look like to you? Describe your own version of heaven. I am ready! With the sword in my hand, Valhalla I'm

Revolt! Kryptos, Black Adder – Live Review

Revolt! Kryptos, Black Adder Live Review By Rainer Kerber Venue: Bambi galore, Hamburg-Billstedt Date: June 28th, 2019 "Revolt!" This is the name of a series of events at the Bambi galore, a small club in the basement vault of the Kulturpalast Hamburg-Billstedt. Metal bands of different styles can present their music here. The headliner

Hate ‘Auric Gates of Veles’ Album Review

Hate ‘Auric Gates of Veles’ Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Blackened Death Metal Sadly, some bands have careers that extend well beyond their stadium-filling peers and never receive the recognition they truly deserve. Poland’s Hate are one such band, after beginning their career playing pretty generic death metal, the band evolved