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Comaniac ‘Holodox’ Album Review

Comaniac ‘Holodox’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/Thrash Metal There is no doubt that Comaniac hit the ground running; the Swiss thrash band smashed expectations and their first two albums were received more than warmly. Since the release of ‘Instruction for Destruction’ in 2017, Comaniac have been consolidating their position and are

Ihsahn Telemark Album Review

Ihsahn Telemark Album Review By Adam McCann Candlelight Records/Experimental/Progressive Metal/Black Metal Since the turn of the millennium, Norwegian black metal titans Emperor have been on and off as to whether they are active or not. When Emperor are generally ‘off’, band leader and composer Ihsahn spends his time working on his eponymous solo

Puta Volcano ‘Amma’ Album Review

Puta Volcano ‘Amma’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/Alternative Rock/Grunge/Stoner Pulling themselves out of the quagmire of indistinguishable line of indie bands, Puta Volcano set about creating their own identity pretty quickly by combining heavy riffs and melancholic melodies throughout their debut and sophomore albums. After creating a solid fanbase in their

Pyogenesis ‘A Silent Soul Screams Loud’ Album Review

Pyogenesis ‘A Silent Soul Screams Loud’ Album Review By Adam McCann AFM Records/Alternative Metal As a band, Pyogenesis have undergone a metamorphosis; beginning life in the early 90s as a death/doom band before splitting up in 2005 reinventing themselves into a more alternative and punk vein following their reformation in 2014. Taking on

Corvoyd ‘Event Horizon’ Album Review

Corvoyd ‘Event Horizon’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/Heavy/Progressive Metal Formed in 2016, Iranian metal band Corvoyd features bassist Daar and Pedram Niknafs on vocals with the band releasing ‘Event Horizon’, their debut album towards the end of last year. ‘Event Horizon’ is an album which is actually quite surprising; this is an