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Garhelenth—About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth of Tragedy album review

Garhelenth—About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth of Tragedy Album review by Monica Redwine This is my first encounter with the band Garhelenth and I must say I was impressed to find they are a 2-member black metal band from Armenia. The band consists of Hilnorgoth, the vocalist, lyricist and guitarist, and Sagroth

Swirl – Review

Swirl - Review by Michael Aronovitz Rockers Building a Fortress I use the word “building” in my title, because California rockers Swirl aren’t done yet. They are at that awesome start of what will arguably become a magnificent journey, similar to when you decide to change your life, and you walk outside taking

Ram – Rod Album Review

Ram - Rod Album Review By Adam McCann Label : Metalblade Records Year : 2017 Battering Ram Two years have passed since Ram released their previous studio album ‘Svbersvm’ which took the template laid down on their debut ‘Forced Entry’ and expanded it making Ram one of the hottest bands from Sweden with that classic