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Starbreaker Dysphoria CD Review

Starbreaker Dysphoria CD Review  Frontiers Records 2019 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal When Tony Harnell announced his departure in 2017 from T.N.T. once again, it was highly debateable at which one of his numerous projects that he would return to. Thankfully, Harnell would reconvene with Swedish masterclass musician Magnus Karlsson to write and record the third

Soilwork Verkligheten CD Review

Soilwork Verkligheten CD Review Nuclear Blast Records 2019 Melodic Death Metal Soilwork have been plugging away at the melodic death metal scene for over 20 years now and during this course, the band have released some excellent work. Yet in 2017, for long-standing drummer Dirk Verbeuren, the rotating drum stool in Megadeth once again

Malevolent Creation ‘The 13th Beast’ Album Review

Malevolent Creation ‘The 13th Beast’ Album Review By Adam McCann Century Media Records - 2019 - Death Metal It has been four years since Malevolent Creation released the fantastic ‘Dead Man’s Path’, but following this, Malevolent Creation underwent a huge line-up change, one that saw three quarters of the band change with only

Hecate Enthroned ‘Embrace of the Godless Aeon’ Album Review

Hecate Enthroned ‘Embrace of the Godless Aeon’ Album Review By Adam McCann M-Theory Audio - 2019 - Symphonic Black Metal Following their nine-year absence, Hecate Enthroned returned to the scene in 2013 with their ‘Virulent Rapture’ album, an album which garnered mixed reviews from both fans and critics alike. As the tour concluded,