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Grave Digger & Burning Witches in Hamburg Live Review

Grave Digger & Burning Witches in Hamburg Live Review By Rainer Kerber Almost forty years and twenty studio albums, three compilations and two live albums, that is the balance in figures for the Metal grandseigneurs Grave Digger. In addition, countless tours and appearances at various festivals. In 2019 they are on the

Aephanemer ‘Prokopton’ Album Review

Aephanemer ‘Prokopton’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release-2019-Melodic Death Metal Following the release of their critically acclaimed 2016 debut album ‘Memento Mori’, 2019 finally sees the return of French melodic death metal band Aephanemer with their second album ‘Prokopton’. ‘Prokopton’ follows perfectly in the footsteps of the bands debut album, yet with a

Mountain Eye ‘Roads Uncharted’ Review

Mountain Eye -  ‘Roads Uncharted’ Review by Adam McCann Independent Release-2019-Alternative Metal/Nu-Metal Mountain Eye are a Dutch quintet whose music is steeped in the deep nostalgia of the nu-metal and alternative metal movement of the late 90’s and early 2000’s with their debut ‘Roads Uncharted’ ready for imminent release. But is it time to

Haken – Vector Album Review

Haken - Vector Album Review By Samuel Turner Inside Out Music - 2018 - Progressive Metal   This year has been very successful for London-based prog metal trailblazers Haken, with the release of their fantastic introduction to the world of live albums, L-IVE, and now their highly anticipated fifth album ‘Vector’ has finally dropped,

FLOWERLEAF Interview + “STRONGER” Album Review

FLOWERLEAF Interview + "STRONGER" Album Review By John Paul Romero FLOWERLEAF is a symphonic power metal band from Brazil, home of Angra, Seputlura and lots of other quality metal groups. They have gained their popularity over youtube with their first single “Firesoul”, but stepped into the spotlight upon the release of their second

Bloodbath ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’ Album Review

Bloodbath ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’ Album Review By Adam McCann Peaceville Records - 2018 - Death Metal When Bloodbath released their 2014 album ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ with Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost replacing Mikael Åkerfeldt who once again left Bloodbath to concentrate on Opeth; none could predict the success and critical