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MESHUGGAH Announce Reissues for Nothing, I, Catch Thirtythree, obZen and Koloss + Pre-Order Now Available!

MESHUGGAH Announce Reissues for Nothing, I, Catch Thirtythree, obZen and Koloss + Pre-Order Now Available! Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers MESHUGGAH are proud to release an exclusive collection of vinyl reissues celebrating the bands legacy. The collection offers a limited, one-time only pressing that includes re-imagined cover artwork, redesigned gatefold jackets, and audio mastered for vinyl. Today,

Guitarists Phonenix Van Der Weyden and Michael Sean McDowell Collaborate for a Song

Guitarists Phonenix Van Der Weyden and Michael Sean McDowell Collaborate for a Song                     Guitarists Phoenix Van Der Weyden and Michael Sean McDowell have collaborated on an upcoming instrumental single titled “Libra’s March”. The single released by Shredguy Records will be released in February 2019 on most downloading and streaming sites along

Mia Morris – You’ve Just Got To See This…

Mia Morris You’ve Just Got To See This… By Michael Aronovitz We think our children are superstars. We honestly believe they are phenoms sometimes, and then we get together with friends at a barbecue where we’ve all had too many Michelob Ultra’s, and we actually claim our kids could be prodigies. Newsflash. Ninety-nine percent of

Sercati Unleash “Cathartic Bomb” Offical Video!

Sercati Unleash "Cathartic Bomb" Offical Video! Belgian black metallers SERCATI are thrilled to present their new official video for the track"Cathartic Bomb". "Cathartic Bomb" Offical Video Directed by Steve Fabry Produced by Sercati, Wormholedeath and HFH pictures Actors : Ava Servais - Kenny Vrancken - Roland Martin - Sercati "In this song, the story is told by another character. Thalis,

OVERKILL Reveal New Album, The Wings Of War, Out February 22, 2019!

Reveal New Album, The Wings Of War, Out February 22, 2019! Legendary New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will unleash their 19th studio record, The Wings Of War, on February 22, 2019 via Nuclear Blast . Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth comments, "It was a blast making The Wings of War! It is something old feeling new again, as our chemistry was altered

German Black-Hearted Doom Trio WERIAN Announce Avant-Garde Debut LP Animist

German Black-Hearted Doom Trio Announce Avant-Garde Debut LP "Animist" German triplet WERIAN is proud to announce the release of their meticulously crafted debut album Animist, due out Feb. 22 via Eisenwald. Historically, Animism is the world’s oldest religious belief – predating all forms of organized religion – and contains the oldest spiritual and supernatural perspective

ROTTING CHRIST Release Second New Track, “Heaven and Hell and Fire” – LISTEN

ROTTING CHRIST Release Second New Track, "Heaven and Hell and Fire"  Greek metal trailblazers ROTTING CHRIST have unveiled a video for the new song "Heaven and Hell and Fire". "Heaven and Hell and Fire" is the second track from their new album 'The Heretics'(coming Feb. 15, 2019) and the video is available now exclusively

FLOWERLEAF Interview + “STRONGER” Album Review

FLOWERLEAF Interview + "STRONGER" Album Review By John Paul Romero FLOWERLEAF is a symphonic power metal band from Brazil, home of Angra, Seputlura and lots of other quality metal groups. They have gained their popularity over youtube with their first single “Firesoul”, but stepped into the spotlight upon the release of their second

Interview With Third Storm

Interview With Third Storm By John Paul Romero Far from the stronghold of metal, Sweden, hails extreme metallers THIRD STORM. On the ninth of November this year, they released their debut full-length offering “The Grand Manifestation” which caught audience and press attention by creating a sound that combines the elements of thrash,

NIGHTWISH – European Tour “DECADES” Concert Review

NIGHTWISH - European Tour "DECADES" Concert Review By T-Bou Opening act - BEAST IN BLACK November 24, 2018 Germany - Stuttgart - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Another stop on the European tour "DECADES" of the symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH was in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle (Stuttgart, Germany). The largest multi-purpose hall in the south of Germany. As expected, the Finns

Sodom Interview

Sodom Interview By Lilith Welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine! How have you been? I have been very busy the last month. After splitting up with the guys, I had to react very soon, the get the new line-up back in business. We spent a lot of time in our new rehearsal room to

Interview With Lynchpin

Would You Rather With LYNCHPiN By Chelf  This Year they released their second album “Millennial Holocaust” unleashing a new wave of their Caribbean brutality upon the world. They are made of satire, Death/Groove/Djent, dark comedy, determination, professionalism and passion. We had a chat with them to find out whether they would rather be transported

Interview With Run Chicken Run

Interview With Run Chicken Run By Keith Clement Hello guys, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how’s it going? -Hi Keith! Everything is working really fine. Very good shows and a great feeling with the public. Our ears are pretty corked but, it’s alright!   Earlier in October “Don’t forget the Wine” was out, how is

Interview With Red Riot

Interview With Red Riot By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how you guys are doing? Hi Keith! Thank you very much for this interview! We’re busy with this album stuff, but we’re very happy!    Could you please tell us about your new album “Seek!Kill!Burn!? Seek! Kill! Burn! is our first album,