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Brightlight City ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’ Album Review

Brightlight City ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’ Album Review By Adam McCann Undead Collective Records/Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore/Emo Brightlight City managed to steal the hearts of the music community back in 2017 with their EP ‘Our Future’s Not Dead’ and from the relative success of this EP, the wait began for the south England band

Texas Hippie Coalition ‘High In The Saddle’ Album Review

Texas Hippie Coalition ‘High In The Saddle’ Album Review By Adam McCann eOne Music/Southern/Groove Metal Is there any other band which mixes the Texan swagger, southern charm and good ol’ groove as well as Texas Hippie Coalition? These guys have been drinkin’, cussin’ and fightin’ their way through the desert of heavy metal

Fractal Universe “Rhizomes of Insanity” Album Review

Fractal Universe "Rhizomes of Insanity" Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Technical/Progressive Death Metal France’s Fractal Universe exploded onto the scene two years ago with their superb debut album ‘Engram of Decline’. That album stole the hearts of critics and fans alike who then began to eagerly await the next offering from

Out of the Shadoes – Taberah

Out of the Shadoes - Taberah This month we travel to the Southern Hemisphere and land on the island of Tasmania. In the city of Hobart Australia, we find the fun-loving band Taberah. Taberah played their first pub gig in 2006 being hand-picked by Lemmy Kilmister himself to open for Motorhead. Since

Interview With Death Angel

talking about fame, money and the punk rock struggle of being a musician By Chelf True story: When we landed an interview with Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany, our CEO David, was so starstruck that made me to it for him. I was thrilled to talk to Rob. He is fun. Honest. Warmhearted and lively. The

Interview With Steve Di Giorgio

Interview With Steve Di Giorgio By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Steve, I’m Keith, how are you doing? What’s up Keith! Everything is going pretty good, thanks. Talking about the Supergroup “Spirits of Fire” how did it all started and how amazing to see all the greatest men in one band? Yeah, thanks.

Interview With Pitch Black Process

Interview With Pitch Black Process By Keith Clement - Merhaba! I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m happy to Interview one of the biggest bands of Turkey today, how are you doing? Selamlar Keith, we are great and thanks for Metalhead Forever's support! - Tell us How Pitch Black Process was started? PBP, formerly known

Interview With Steelwings

It felt like coming home - Interview with Steelwings By Rainer Kerber When I received the promo information for the album "Back", I first thought of a reunion of the Swedish True Metal band Steelwing from Nyköping. When listening, however, doubts immediately crept in. Because instead of melodic power metal old school

Battle Beast Interview

Battle Beast Interview By Steven Smith Being a winner of Wacken Metal Battle of 2010 and continuing to prove that you guys have the drive to create such powerful hard-hitting music, would you ever thought at the beginning of your career you would be on album five?   The moment I stepped in I knew

Interview With Extrema

Jay Rollins talks to Tommy Massara about Extrema’s new frontman and album. (Follow: It has been 2.5 years since my first interview with Italy’s metal originators Extrema and they have become a regular on my playlist. Now Headbanging Forever is ready to drop on May 10th, a full-length release titled after

Interview With Myrath

Jay Rollins speaks with Zaher Zorgati about freedom, belly dancers, and Shehili (Follow: If you have yet to be introduced to Myrath, they are an oriental metal band originating in Tunisia before setting up base in France. Their top spectacles incorporate belly dancers, magicians, fireworks, and musical precision. On May 3rd