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Kamion ‘Gain’ Album Review

Kamion ‘Gain’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/2019/Heavy Metal Kamion reformed in 2017 and since then, they have begun to plough their way into the heavy metal world releasing their debut album ‘Gain’ last year. But, the question is, does ‘Gain’ give a perfect example of who Kamion are? The answer remains ambiguous,

Omicida “Defrauded Reign” CD Review

Omicida's ‘Defrauded Reign’ Independent Release Thrash Metal Following on from their excellent EP ‘Certain Death’ in 2015, expectations were high for Omicida and their debut album ‘Defrauded Reign’ certainly does not disappoint; Omicida have rammed it full on with an old-school thrash vibe that is right out of 1988. There was no doubt that ‘Defrauded

Nightrage “Wolf to Man” CD Review

Nightrage ‘Wolf To Man’ Despotz Records Melodic Death Metal   It has been two years since Nightrage released ‘The Venomous’ their last studio album and after extensive touring the band are finally back with their latest and anticipated album ‘Wolf To Man’. As expected, Nightrage do not break away from the mold already laid down by

Holiday Gunfire “Holiday Gunfire” CD Review

Holiday Gunfire ‘Holiday Gunfire’ Cornelius Chapel Records Alternative Rock Kicking their life into gear with bang, Holiday Gunfire arrive from Alabama to deliver their eponymous debut album with a huge dripping of 90’s nostalgia wrapped in a sugar-candy coating of modern post-rock glory. There is something exceptionally addictive about this album, it has all

Am Samstag “One” CD Review

Am Samstag ‘One’ Black Market Music Grunge/Alternative Rock   Am Samstag only formed last year but have already hit the ground running with the Swiss band releasing their first EP aptly titled ‘One’. Am Samstag take their cue from the grunge movement of the early 90’s with a retro vintage sound that would appeal to

Metal Over Malta 2019

Metal Over Malta 2019 By Rainer Kerber Location: The Garage Ħaz-Zebbug / Aria Complex San Ġwann Date: March 22nd/23rd, 2019 This year, Metal Over Malta celebrated its fifth anniversary. I've been there since the second edition. In the years before, the festival was organized by the members of the band Weeping Silence. Because of

***BREAKING NEWS***ALPHA OMEGA Management Launches New Format Record Label: ALPHA OMEGA Records!

***BREAKING NEWS***ALPHA OMEGA Management Launches New Format Record Label: ALPHA OMEGA Records! A new record label, why? What does a band really need from a record label nowadays???? Promotion first of all, a real one, through our worldwide management network! It's an alliance of some of the most active entities of the web

Interview With Doro

WOMAN TO WOMAN WITH DORO. By Chelf We’ve never spoken before but the sound of her voice and her accent was so familiar to me. She was, is, and always will be my idol, my role model, the woman who redefined the meaning of the word “queen”. Don’t take my word for it, I’m her