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WOLFEN RELOADED Release New Video ‘Frozen’ From Upcoming Album “Changing Time”

WOLFEN RELOADED Release New Video ‘Frozen’ From Upcoming Album "Changing Time" WOLFEN RELOADED will release their new album "Changing Time" on June 22nd via Volcano Records. Today the German rockers have made available another anticipation from the new record with the video for the song "Frozen". Watch it below. With a mix of both modern and classic rock influenced

Interview with Charlie Benante of Anthrax

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante: “You Gotta Hear Electric Music Solid Walls of Sound”    By Jay Rollins (Follow on Facebook: Charlie Benante has been Anthrax’s rhymical foundation since ’83, however, some fans may be unaware about exactly how involved he is in the band’s creative drive and overall image as the archivist, as

Hammerfall Interview

Hammerfall Interview By Andrea Bermúdez Hammerfall the great Swedish power metal band is on the road and granted us the following interview talking about its great present, their upcoming album and future plans. Hi! My name is Andrea Bermúdez and this is an interview for Metalheads Forever Magazine. First of all thank you for your

Nervosa Interview

Nervosa Interview By Steven Smith Nervosa is a name that is growing within the thrash metal and extreme metal community. With the release of Downfall Of Mankind, do  you think the album will continue your strong influence within the metal ranks?    F: We really hope so! haha I mean, we always work a lot and

Snowy Shaw Interview

Snowy Shaw Interview By Gothik Divaa In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Swedish singer, musician, songwriter and composer “Snowy Shaw”, he is going to talk about the album entitled “White Is The New Black” and his projects for 2018. First of all congratulations for your album “White


INTERVIEW WITH SAM DUNN OF BANGERFILMS AND FILM By Dillon Collins Pioneering documentation responsible for such game-changing works as Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and Iron Maiden: Flight 666, co-founder of Banger Films and Banger TV Sam Dunn is an undisputed icon when it comes to heavy metal. Metalheads Forever Magazine spoke with

Phenomy Interview

Phenomy Interview with Loïc El Haddad By Keith Clement - Greetings from Metalheads forever, How are you guys doing? We’re doing great, we are very excited for what is coming up for Phenomy really. Metalhead Meeting Festival and Wacken Open Air in the next two months. This is Incredible. - Tell us about the metal

Amorphis Interview

Amorphis Interview With Tomi Koivusaari By Gothik Divaa In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Finnish metal band “Amorphis”. They are going to talk about their career, the upcoming album "Queen Of Time" and the projects for this 2018. Hello guys … How are you today ?, greetings from


HELLSINGLAND INTERVIEW By John Paul On February 14, a band named HELLSINGLAND from Sweden released their first EP, called Tystnaden. MHF had a chance to interview their vocalist and co-founder, Erik “Hellbergam” Hillströms. Hi there Erik, greetings from MHF family! How's your day? Hello! The clock is 7 am here in Sweden. I worked