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Nailed To Obscurity Interview

Nailed To Obscurity Interview by Chelf They are the ones who managed to combine a diligent, dedicated metal presence with a strong D.I.Y work-ethic which, today, is a very hard quality to come by. A sheer heaviness along with melodic, melancholic guitars and slight, progressive twists and turns are the elements that take

Porn Interview

I know you’ve been listening to  PORN -An Interview- Aggressive yet sexy, powerful, dark and dangerous music. This is how they define their work. MURDER ROCK. “Something like a beautiful, tasty fruit with a razor blade inside.” Do they know how to paint a vivid picture or what? I choked on my pineapple chunks. Their music videos are mini

Malevolent Creation ‘The 13th Beast’ Album Review

Malevolent Creation ‘The 13th Beast’ Album Review By Adam McCann Century Media Records - 2019 - Death Metal It has been four years since Malevolent Creation released the fantastic ‘Dead Man’s Path’, but following this, Malevolent Creation underwent a huge line-up change, one that saw three quarters of the band change with only