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Heavy Montreal Recap

Heavy Montreal Recap by Dillon Collins   It has taken several weeks to relieve the hangover that was Heavy Montreal. Simply put, it’s the best display of heavy metal throughout the course of a single weekend in Canada. There’s little debate about that after attending on multiple occasions, and having witnessed the event

Red Hot Chilli Pipers–15th Anniversary Tour, Hamburg 2018

Red Hot Chilli Pipers–15th Anniversary Tour, Hamburg 2018 By Rainer Kerber Location: Markthalle, Hamburg Date: April 21st, 2018 Rock, Metal, Pop played with bagpipes. Is that possible? Of course. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers from the Scottish metropolis Glasgow prove this impressively. Since their founding in 2002, musicians have toured around the world. Awards

Sevendust Interview with Lajon Witherspoon

Sevendust: Lajon Witherspoon is a Metalhead Forever By Jay Rollins   Lajon Witherspoon thank you very much for taking time out on the road to speak with Metalheads Forever Magazine. It’s a pleasure I like the name, Metalheads Forever, I like that, that’s [straight forward] Yeah straight to the point. Before we get into all the

In Conversation with Ihsahn, Emperor of Black Metal

In Conversation with Ihsahn, Emperor of Black Metal By Dillon Collins Heavy metal legend Ihsahn, known to the masses as frontman to the iconic black metal group Emperor, talks influences and inspirations behind his seventh solo album Ámr  in a candid one-on-one with Metalheads Forever   Q: Ámr is your seventh studio album since

Godsmack Interview

Godsmack In Conversation With Sully Erna Interview by Dillon Collins 20 years removed from their game-changing self-titled album, Godsmack continue to evolve with their seventh studio album, When Legends Rise. Famed frontman Sully Erna caught up with Metalheads Forever Magazine to talk creative forces, releasing the negative and having fun nearly 25

Dockerrock – Harmonious/EnergeticRock – Concert Review

Dockerrock - Harmonious/EnergeticRock Concert Review by Rainer Kerber Location: Marias Ballroom, Hamburg-Harburg Date:  March, 24th 2018 About one year ago I first heard of the Hamburg band Dockerrock. A family from the district of Wilhelmsburg with a shared passion - to present handmade rock music in the style of the 80s on stage. Out of

Metal Over Malta 2018

Metal Over Malta 2018  Review by Rainer Kerber Location: Château Buskett (Malta) Date: March, 9th/10th 2018 Malta is worth to go there. That's why I combined this year's visit to the Metal Over Malta Festival with a slightly longer holiday trip. Wildly romantic landscapes, rocky coasts, a colorful blooming in spring vegetation and many

Omega Diatribe Releases it’s New Single Souls Collide

Omega Diatribe Releases it's New Single Souls Collide Hungary's Extreme Groove Metal band Omega Diatribe released their first single from the upcoming third studio album "Trinity" It was a great moment for Gergő Hájer the lead guitarist of the band to share with us. Please check the video below. More Information coming soon. MHF Magazine/Keith

Crematory Interview

Crematory Interview By Gothik Divaa The German Gothic Metal band with Death Metal influences "Crematory ", will be with us in this issue of "Metalheads Forever ", talking about their career and of course their upcoming album "Oblivion ". Hello, guys! I hope you are fine, greetings from Mexico City, how are you

Autopsy Interview

AUTOPSY… DEATH/DOOM FROM CALIFORNIA Interview by Santtu Kaskela One of the pioneers of Death and Death-doom, AUTOPSY, formed in 1987 in California by Eric Cutler & Chris Reifert (ex-Death). Started out with some thrash/death influences, but later took a step to slower direction which we all can hear when entering the dark

Soulfly Interview

Soulfly Interview By Dillon Collins Soulfly’s Max Cavalera talks heading out on the second leg of the Nailbomb Point Blank Tour,  new material and more in a candid one-on-one interview. Soulfly is hitting the road for the second half of the Nailbomb Point Blank Tour this March, with an extensive tour of

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