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Interview With Mobius

Interview With By Keith Clement   Greetings Heli and the boys, how are you guys doing? Xavier : Doing great and really excited for the release!! Heli : Same, it's amazing to finally share Kala. Guillaume : Doing well, working on songs an extra-material to provide an exquisite live set at our release night ! You are

Interview With Coffeinne

Interview With Coffeinne By Keith Clement Intro On The Band: Coffeinne is a Melodic Metal Band formed back in 2015 by the vocalist Iñanki Lazcano (Airless) and the guitarist David Villareal (Black Rock). Coffeinne performs a potent melodic and fresh metal influenced by many different European Melodic Metal bands with many different styles

5 Questions With Carthagods

5 Questions With Carthagods By Chelf Powerful and already established as classic Tunisian metal, Carthagods are taking the metal scene by storm. I asked Mahdi Khema to stop for a moment and take a break from jamming with living legends and talented artists from the international Metal scene (Paul Di ANNO (Ex-Iron

Interview With Yatra

Interview With Yatra By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today? Doing great ! Thank you.  Preparing for a show in Philadelphia tonight and then Saturday at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn which is one of our favorite places to play .   Blood Of The Night is getting released, tomorrow, Can

Interview With Decadence (Metallic Kitty)

Interview With Decadence (Metallic Kitty) By David Kletzel Alrighty - here we go metal maniacs. please welcome, to metal messiah radio, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, one of the most inspirational female fronted vocalist of our time, the one and only... the stunning "Metallic" Kitty Saric of Melodic Thrash Metal Band Decadence. Welcome to

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