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Judas Priest- Firepower review by Geir Olaisen

For me Judas Priest is the definition of Heavy metal and a band i been fan of for 40 years. They and Black Sabbath

was the two bands who really got me into metal. Firepower is the bands 16th studioalbum in their  soon 50 year old career
and it is a good one. Most of all Firepower sounds like a careersummoning album, where a lot songs could fit right in 
their previous albums. The title cut and “Lightning Strike” could easily have found “Painkiller”, while “Evil Never Dies”
represents the blues hardrock found on “Sad Wings of Destiny.” Some new impulses are also here, like”Children of the Sun”
which is almost a stoner-like with its groove.  The production is excellent and the song material is various and good. 
Firepower is probably their best album since Painkiller.  It is hard to pick out a favorite track on such a good album, but
“Evil never dies” is a very cool  and typical Judas Priest track while “Never the heroes is different, but a exciting song.

But the future for these metalgods is hard to predict, recently, it became known that Guitarist Glenn Tipton is affected
by Parkinson’s disease and can not participate in the forthcoming world tour of the band.  The question now is if the band can survive a loss of another original member?

Great album 10/10

 Lightning Strike
 Evil Never Dies
Never The Heroes
 Children of the Sun
 Rising From Ruins
 Flame Thrower
 Traitors Gate
 No Surrender
 Lone Wolf
 Sea of Red














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