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Review of Set Before Us-Enigmas EP


Set Before Us is a MHF member band and hails from Tullinge a suburb of
Stockholm. The 5 piece band that started up in 2012 and play metalcore with some influences of
other generes. Enigmas is my first aquitance with the band. Metalcore is usually not a
genere i listen to, but this is exciting. So this was a positive suprise for me.
This is heavy, wellplayed with alot of great catchy riffs and melodies
the production is also very good.
Sweden is known for producing alot of good bands,and Set Us Free is no exception.
So check out these guys if you like melodic metalcore. This is a band i think can reach far
with some good promotion and if they get heard and seen by the right people.
To be honest im not a big fan of metalcore, but this is a good band

Erik Tropp – Vocals
Adam Paulander – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Jesper Nilsson – Lead Guitar
Emanuel Borgefors – Drums
Hampus Andersson – Bass


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Enigmas track listing:

1. Clay Heart 3:50
2. Earth Destroyer 2:51
3. Peripheral Vision 4:07
4. Eye To Eye 5:21
5. Dusk/Dawn 3:58

Review by Geir Olaisen aka BornStubborn

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