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The autumn weather usually brings cool weather, but this autumn on the east coast of the USA, things are going to heat up with the Guitarmageddon tour…featuring three virtuoso guitar players shredding up the stage with their guitar heroics! Joe Stump, David Mercado(Shadow Eden) and Desiree Bassett will be headlining this tour, a must for those who enjoy melodic shred guitar.


According to ShredGuy Artist, David Mercado, “….Years of hard work, constant touring and the line up change have made 2018 a watershed year for SHADOW EDEN and our most successful to date….”   The year started with three scheduled demo performances at the Morley/Ebtech  exhibit during Winter NAMM.  Appearing alongside such monster axe slingers as George Lynch,  Kiko Loureiro,  and Mark Tremonti,  helped David  garner the attention of Sam Ash corporate who approached David about doing clinics for the music retail giant.  “I’m extremely grateful for this awesome opportunity and Morley pedals was eager to sponsor the clinics.  The response to the Morley clinics went so well, I decided to put together my own tour called ‘Guitarmageddon.’…”    David explains, “I’m a huge fan of and grateful to YouTube for the help it gives emerging artists to showcase their skills to the public who otherwise may not have had their material exposed to the masses.  Unfortunately, this has also given rise to what I call the “guitubist,” which is someone whose performances can only exist through the controlled environment of pro tools and computer video edits.  I organized “Guitarmageddon”  and chose Shred guitar players who can bring it live!!  I’ve done probably close to 2 dozen shows with Joe Stump over the years and he kills it, especially in front of an audience.    I met Desiree Bassett at NAMM where she was doing a demo for an amp company and I was immediately impressed.  I approached Desiree at the convention about tour dates and she immediately accepted!….”  The first three shows of the GUITARMAGGEDON Tour will occur at 89 North in Patchogue, NY, Debonair Music Hall in NJ and Middle East Club in Cambridge MA, from September 27 through September 29, 2018.