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Interview with LightFold

Interview with LightFold Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today? Harry: Hello Metalheads magazine and metalheads all around the world. We are pretty good and ready to join the world around and play some music. Tell us about Lightfold, how the band started? Harry: Thanasis Labrakis and Theodore Martinis formed the band

Interview With Crossbones

Interview With Crossbones By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editor In Chief, how are you guys doing?   Thank you Keith. I am Olsi Ballta, founder/vocalist of Crossbones. Nice to meet you.   Earlier this July you released “The Awakening” tell us how is the overall reception of the album so

Interview With Cattle Decapitation

Interview With Cattle Decapitation By Neha Sonawane Halloween theme The team is invited by an enchantress into her garden It's a beautiful night... Under a big banyan tree, she has arranged a comfortable place to sit and   enjoy the Halloween night away from the city show-off Enchantress has served some sweets n Halloween delights to eat While

One way trip to Eternity

One way trip to Eternity By Chelf The best piece of being a part of a huge metal magazine is getting tones of inspiration on a daily bases. People send recommendations, bands send demos, and readers tag me with songs they think I will like. This is how I first heard about

Interview With Strident

Interview With Strident By Zohar Belkin Prologue STRIDENT is the Origin of the local Thrash Metal scene – they were the first ever to release a full-scale album of Thrash Metal back in 2010. They are one of the pioneers of the local Thrash Scene, formed back in 2004. Today, I got

Eternity ‘To Become The Great Beast’ – Album Review

Eternity ‘To Become The Great Beast’ Album Review By Adam McCann Soulseller Records/Black Metal It has been 13 years since Eternity last graced the black metal airwaves with ‘Bringer of the Fall’, the Norwegian band’s debut album. Since 2006, Eternity have kept their heads down, keeping themselves busy with live shows, but thankfully,

Vintersea ‘Illuminated’ – Album Review

Vintersea ‘Illuminated’  Album Review By Adam McCann M-Theory Audio/Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metal Formed from the ashes of Asterion, Vintersea stormed onto the scene in 2017 with their fantastic debut album ‘The Gravity of Fall’, their perfect blend of melodic death and progressive metal was difficult to not instantly fall in love with. This

Anacrusis ‘Suffering Hour’/’Reason’ (Remaster) – Album Review

Anacrusis ‘Suffering Hour’/’Reason’ (Remaster) Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Thrash Metal In the grand scheme of things, each genre has its overrated and underrated bands, but what is often overlooked are the bands that are forgotten. One such band are Anacrusis; the American band caught the tail-end of the thrash metal

Fister ‘Decade of Depression’ Album Review

Fister ‘Decade of Depression’ Album Review By Adam McCann Listenable Records/Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Who could believe that it has been nearly ten years since Fister bludgeoned their way onto the heavy metal scene; playing a herbal blend of doom, sludge and stoner, the Missouri band have developed a respectable following through four warmly received

Strike Master ‘A Corpseless Soul’ Single Album Review

Strike Master ‘A Corpseless Soul’ Single Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/Thrash Metal Strike Master have always been good at holding their own, flying the flag high for Mexican thrash metal worldwide for the last thirteen years with their enjoyable albums ‘Up For The Massacre’, ‘Majestic Strike’ and ‘U.F.T.M. amongst others. This

Mobina Galore ‘Don’t Worry’ Album Review

Mobina Galore ‘Don’t Worry’ Album Review By Adam McCann New Damage Records/Gunner Records/Pop/Punk/Alternative Rock Throughout the current decade, there has been somewhat of a revival of interest in the alternative rock scene. Although many of these bands have not yet reached the dizzy heights of their predecessors, the internet has allowed many of