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Allegaeon ‘Apoptosis’ Album Review

Allegaeon ‘Apoptosis’ Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Technical Melodic Death Metal Since the band delivered their debut album almost a decade ago, Allegaeon have pushed from strength to strength, forming their own niche within the boundaries of technical melodic death metal and hitting a pinnacle with their superb 2016 album ‘Proponent

Megadeth ‘Warheads On Foreheads’ Album Review

Megadeth ‘Warheads On Foreheads’ Album Review By Adam McCann Universal Music Group/Thrash/Heavy Metal The announcement that Megadeth are to release their latest greatest hits compilation ‘Warheads On Foreheads’ begs the question does the world need another Megadeth greatest hits album? After all, this band already has the likes of ‘Capitol Punishment’, ‘Back To

Týr ‘Hel’ Album Review

Týr ‘Hel’ Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Folk/Metal There are few bands as instantly recognisable as Týr, their sound is a perfect blend of heavy metal and folk vocal melodies which beautifully encapsulate the mythology of the Faroese and Icelandic skáld. Yet for Týr, it has been quite awhile since the

Tesla ‘Shock’ Album Review

Tesla ‘Shock’ Album Review By Adam McCann Tesla Electric Recording Company/Hard Rock It has been more than a few years since Tesla released their previous album ‘Simplicity’ back in 2014 and in that time, the band have celebrated the 30th anniversary of their seminal album ‘Mechanical Resonance’ coinciding with the release of a

Bloodbound ‘Rise Of The Dragon Empire’ Album Review

Bloodbound ‘Rise Of The Dragon Empire’ Album Review By Adam McCann AFM Records/Power Metal Bloodbound have always left a trail of outstanding albums in their wake, their last album ‘War Of Dragons’ was no exception and although throughout their career, the band have consistently struggled to retain a stable line-up, this has somehow

Walls Of Blood ‘Imperium’ Album Review

Walls Of Blood ‘Imperium’ Album Review By Adam McCann Metalville Records/2019/Heavy Metal It has never been uncommon within the heavy metal world for musicians to guest upon each other’s work. More recently, whole bands such as Avantasia and Metal Allegiance have sprung up featuring a rotating carousel of musicians that make each song

Kamion ‘Gain’ Album Review

Kamion ‘Gain’ Album Review By Adam McCann Independent Release/2019/Heavy Metal Kamion reformed in 2017 and since then, they have begun to plough their way into the heavy metal world releasing their debut album ‘Gain’ last year. But, the question is, does ‘Gain’ give a perfect example of who Kamion are? The answer remains ambiguous,

Candlemass ‘The Door To Doom’ Album Review

Candlemass ‘The Door To Doom’ Album Review By Adam McCann Napalm Records/2019/Doom Metal It promised so much when Candlemass released the EP ‘Death Thy Lover’ back in 2016; but then, the Doomfather Leif Edling suddenly formed The Doomsday Kingdom which made the doom metal community wonder whether or not it’s long awaited Candlemass

Omicida “Defrauded Reign” CD Review

Omicida's ‘Defrauded Reign’ Independent Release Thrash Metal Following on from their excellent EP ‘Certain Death’ in 2015, expectations were high for Omicida and their debut album ‘Defrauded Reign’ certainly does not disappoint; Omicida have rammed it full on with an old-school thrash vibe that is right out of 1988. There was no doubt that ‘Defrauded

Nightrage “Wolf to Man” CD Review

Nightrage ‘Wolf To Man’ Despotz Records Melodic Death Metal   It has been two years since Nightrage released ‘The Venomous’ their last studio album and after extensive touring the band are finally back with their latest and anticipated album ‘Wolf To Man’. As expected, Nightrage do not break away from the mold already laid down by

Holiday Gunfire “Holiday Gunfire” CD Review

Holiday Gunfire ‘Holiday Gunfire’ Cornelius Chapel Records Alternative Rock Kicking their life into gear with bang, Holiday Gunfire arrive from Alabama to deliver their eponymous debut album with a huge dripping of 90’s nostalgia wrapped in a sugar-candy coating of modern post-rock glory. There is something exceptionally addictive about this album, it has all

Am Samstag “One” CD Review

Am Samstag ‘One’ Black Market Music Grunge/Alternative Rock   Am Samstag only formed last year but have already hit the ground running with the Swiss band releasing their first EP aptly titled ‘One’. Am Samstag take their cue from the grunge movement of the early 90’s with a retro vintage sound that would appeal to