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Bands With Beer!

1. Cannibal Corpse (Amber Smashed Face) 2. Iron Maiden ( The Trooper) 3. AC/DC (Rock Or Bust) 4. Motorhead (Bastards Beer) 5. Kiss (Destroyer) 6. Gwar (Gwar B.Q.) 7. Mastodon (Mother Puncher) 8. Amon Amarth (Ragnarok Porter) 9. Skeletonwitch (Red Death) 10. Opeth ( Imperial Stout) 11. Behemoth ( Sacrum)

Weekly Suggestions by Shibalika Tamuli

Welcome to MHF! This is the first ever leg of my weekly suggestions of, well, "new metalz" for you guys, haha! If you're looking for something different and unique to jam into these days, you're in the right place. So here we go... 1 - U.M.A. by Progenie Terrestre Pura Progenie Terrestre

“Carnifex” Slow Death CD-Review

Carnifex-Slow Death (2016) Track Listing Dark Heart Ceremony Slow Death Drown Me in Blood Pale Ghost Black Candles Burning Six Feet Closer to Hell Necrotoxic Life Fades to a Funeral Countess of the Crescent Moon Servants to the Horde The best album of 2016 in my opinion goes to Carnifex's Slow Death

Photo Gallery “Manegarm”

The band was started by Svenne Rosendal, Jonas Almqui, and Pierre Wilhelmsson in 1995. After finding another guitarist (Mårten Matsson) and a drummer (Erik Grawsiö), they began rehearsing as "Antikrist". By 1996, they had changed their name to Månegarm, after the wolf of Norse legend, apt for a band concentrating

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