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Moroccan Metal Underground Bands TOP 10

Moroccan Metal Underground Bands TOP 10 Hey guys!! Let's check out few Moroccan Metal underground bands, that have quaked the Moroccan metal scenes ; which have been admired by the Moroccan metal community, due to their dedication, hard work , style, passion and love for Metal. So, why not share my thoughts on

“House of Lords” Saint of the Lost Souls – CD REVIEW

"House of Lords" Saint of the Lost Souls - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Frontiers Records 2017 There was a brief time when melodic hard rock ruled the airwaves, bands with big stage shows and even bigger hair, flashy guitar solos with lashings of keyboards born out of the love for

“Unleash The Archers” INTERVIEW

"Unleash The Archers" INTERVIEW by Keith Clements Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you guys doing? Doing very well, thank you! Things are super busy at the moment but we love it. “Apex” Your upcoming album is scheduled for a June 2nd release, how is the outcome of the album? Are you


THE HYPOTHESIS… Modern melodic DEATH from Finland by Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela The Hypothesis is a modern melodic death metal-act formed during deadly cold winter 2009 in Kouvola, Finland. Nowadays Helsinki-based band swears in the name of heaviness, groove & catchy melodies, still not forgetting the technically played crunchy riffs. Time to

“Ex Deo” The Immortal Wars – CD REVIEW

"Ex Deo" The Immortal Wars - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Napalm Records 2017 Heavy metal and history have always walked hand in hand together, whether addressing war, serial killers, ancient rituals or texts, there is no denying that heavy metal fits this like a hand in a glove. As a

“Ulver” The Assassination of Julius Caesar – CD Review

Ulver-The Assassination of Julius Caesar review by Geir Olaisen Ulver is true musical chamelions, you never know what you you get when they release a new album. Since the start as a black metal band in 1993 the been by countless generes like black,folk,avantgarde, ambient experimental and 3 made soundtracks to 3


"PEEKABOO PRIMATE" Interview by Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela PEEKABOO PRIMATE… “DYSTOPIA-METAL” FROM FINLAND Get ready for some really serious, or maybe not that serious, alternative music… Since the beginning of their career these guys have been kicking asses with their alternative, progressive, nu, groove… Might call it modern metal, mixing about every different


MHF METAL FACTS III - by Omar Cordova #10 - Lemmy from Motorhead got his nickname , because he would always ask his buddies to lend him money . he would ask them “Lemmy a fiver.” #09 - Thrashers from New Jersey have 3 members named tony . Vocalist/Guitarist Tony Portaro, Bassist

“Warbringer” Woe to the Vanquished – CD REVIEW

"Warbringer" Woe to the Vanquished - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Napalm Records 2017 It is very interesting and also slightly amusing how musical genres, come, go and revive, usually in a 20-year cycle and thrash metal is no different. There are always those bands which stay true to their roots

“Pallbearer” Heartless – CD REVIEW

"Pallbearer" Heartless - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Nuclear Blast Records 2017 Doom. Doom can be an awfully picky genre, from those initial rumblings from Birmingham with Black Sabbath, to those that trail blazed the scene such as Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. Post this, Doom made love with many

“Havok” Conformicide – CD REVIEW

"Havok" Conformicide - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Century Media Records 2017 It has been in and around 30 years since the brutality of thrash metal owned the world and although many of the bands changed their sound when the decade tipped over to the 90’s, it is undeniable the sheer

“Thunder” Rip It Up – CD REVIEW

"Thunder" Rip It Up - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: EarMusic Records 2017 Thunder are a band that over the course of their careers have split up, reformed, disbanded and once again reformed. This time, it looks like Thunder are back for good and although this saying will haunt them forever;

“Bloodbound” War of Dragons – CD REVIEWS

"Bloodbound" War of Dragons - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: AFM Records 2017 Throughout Heavy Metal history, there are certain countries that helped shape the sound we know today. The UK gave us Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, the USA passed on Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer with Germany offering

“Lynch Mob” Wicked Sensation – CD REVIEWS

"Lynch Mob" Wicked Sensation - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Elektra Records 1990 Sometimes Heavy Metal is so incestuous that it makes the Game of Thrones franchise blush. In the grand scheme of Heavy Metal family trees, it is so easy to get lost within who is in what, who was

“Blaze Bayley” Endure and Survive – Cd Review

""Blaze Bayley" Endure and Survive - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Blaze Bayley Recordings 2017 Since the disbandment of Blaze 10 years ago, Blaze Bayley returned in 2008 with his ‘new’ band writing and performing under the recognisable name, Blaze Bayley. Ask any Heavy Metal fanatic what the name Blaze Bayley

“Battle Beast” Bringer of Pain – CD REVIEW

"Battle Beast" Bringer of Pain - CD REVIEW by Adam McCann Record: Nuclear Blast Records 2017 Out of all the Nordic countries, it is safe to assume that Finland have a cornucopia of melancholy, cold, sadness and minor chords that run deep into its heavy metal roots. Finland is the country responsible

“Alase” has released a new single video!

Finnish band Alase has released a new single with their first music video Alase are an atmospheric metal band from Finland. Our music is a melting pot of various metal genres, but our main focus is on the melody and atmosphere. Musically, Alase has similarities with bands like Katatonia, Swallow The

“Dark Fortress” Interview

"Dark Fortress" Interview by Christina Thompson Originally, the band is over two decades old. At this point, only Asvargr is the sole remaining original member. Do you feel that the changes in members have been what has propelled the continued success of Dark Fortress? The "freshness" and progression of your music? Seraph:

“Goatwhore” Interview

"Goatwhore" Interview by Keith Clements We had the pleasure to talk over the phone with frontman Louis Benjamin Falgoust II of the American Extreme metal band Goatwhore. The band was formed in 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band has released 6 full length albums and the 7th Album is scheduled

“Epica” Interview

"Epica" Interview by Christina Thompson First off, how did the concept for Holographic Principle originate? I know the answer (due to research) but I found it fascinating the amount of work that went into the concept before the songwriting process. I don’t think the average fan can even imagine the amount

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