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Devildriver-Trust no one albumreview by Geir Olaisen

Devildriver is band i heard  alot about and  been metioned often, but to be someone who listen to alot different bands and generes they have been a band i haven`t found to interesting to check out. Probably because the members have been assosciated with NU metal acts before, a genere im not to fond of,

New Morbid Angel album announced.

Morbid Angel have announced the details for their brand new studio album, "Kingdoms Disdained", out on December 1st. 6 years on from their previous album, Kingdoms Disdained finds legendary guitarist and founder Trey Azagthoth reigniting his creative alchemy with vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker to create a crushingly heavy and highly apocalyptic soundtrack for these

“Uada-Devoid of light” CD-REVIEW

"Uada-Devoid of light" CD-REVIEW by Geir Olaisen From Portland Oregon comes Uada, and the band was founded in 2014 by  Mike Beck -Bass. Trevor Matthews -Drums, James Sloan-Guitars and Jake Superchi-vocals guitars. Devoid of light is their debut album. This is great melodic black metal and this album got me hooked instantly

“Pillorian-Obsidian Arc” CD-REVIEW

"Pillorian-Obsidian Arc" CD-REVIEW by Geir Olaisen In this issue of MHF magazine i have reviewed two band from Portland When Agalloch dissband alot of fans including me where very dissapointed, but now John Haughm frontman of Agalloch back with a new band and like Agalloch this is is atmospheric black metal. Pillorian

Review of Set Before Us-Enigmas EP

Set Before Us is a MHF member band and hails from Tullinge a suburb of Stockholm. The 5 piece band that started up in 2012 and play metalcore with some influences of other generes. Enigmas is my first aquitance with the band. Metalcore is usually not a genere i listen to,

“Lucid Flies into the Record Book”

Review Of LUCID FLY - Building Castles in Air Hour Eleven Music / Vanity Music Group Released 11 October 2016 This band was new to me when i was gonna write this review, i started with blank sheets and no knowledge of this band. Lucid Fly is a melodic prog rock/metal band


A new beginning... I was lucky enough to become an admin when Metalheads Forever was just a small group. My friend and founder David Maloney had a vision. We were going be the biggest and most diverse music group for metalheads online. As this is written, we count 81599 members in

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