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“Warrior Soul” Interview

"Warrior Soul" Interview by Jay Rollins Kory Clarke is the frontman who has been calling for societal change since Warrior Soul’s inception in 1987 and their critically acclaimed 1990 debut record Last Decade Dead Century. Warrior Soul defined a sound by amalgamating aspects of punk, glam metal, and pure rock ‘n’

“Review of Saor” Guardians – CD REVIEWS

"Review of Saor" Guardians - CD REVIEWS by Geir Olaisen Saor is a one man band, where the only constant member is Andy Marshall. Only additional musician on this album was Cnoc An Tursa`s drummer Bryan Hamilton.   The word Saor means free on scotish and gaelic Guardians is his third

COBALT Review of Cobalt’s Slow Forever CD – REVIEWS

COBALT Review of Cobalt's Slow Forever by Horridhavoc After being given this assignment I learned that Cobalt has been around for a while, but this is my first experience with them. Since I had never heard of them before I decided to do a little looking into their past so could

“Opeth” Sorceress – 2016 CD-REVIEW

"Opeth" Sorceress – 2016 CD-REVIEW by Nabil Hossam Opeth, as we all know, are progressive death metal pioneers from Sweden. Led by their vocalist and mastermind Mikael Åkerfeldt. The band was formed on 1989 and since then they have come up with many successful and outstanding releases that left a mark

“Animals as Leaders” – The Madness Of Many CD-REVIEW

"Animals as Leaders" - The Madness Of Many CD-REVIEW by Nabil Hossan Animals As Leaders is a progressive/instrumental/djent band from USA that was formed on 2007. It’s a trio project: Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes (guitars) and Matt Garstka (drums). They are considered one of the finest djent bands and one

“Emperor” – Nightside Eclipse,1994 CD-REVIEW

"Emperor" - Nightside Eclipse,1994 CD-REVIEW by Patrick Philip This is my review on one of the absolute most important albums in the history of Black Metal, the album in which I speak of is Emperor's first full length studio album In the Nightside Eclipse. This album is the pinnacle, the magnum

Dream Theater – “The Astonishing” CD Review

by Matthew Dearborn It's already been a year since the progressive metal band Dream Theater has released their second double-disc studio album, "The Astonishing", and I would go so far as to say it was one of 2016's best metal albums, not to mention one of the most ambitious albums in

PENETRATION Review “by Craig Obert”

by Craig Obert PENETRATION - HELL WANTS MORE SOULS Okay, full disclosure: I like this band! 1. They make great heavy and driving music that demands to be cranked. 2. They allowed MHF to use one of their songs as our theme song. First class guys. Thanks. Personally, when I hear the about a band

January 2017 “Albums Reviews”

by Nabil Hossam Elemento Elemento is a progressive metal/djent metal band from Italy. It’s a trio project formed in 2009. Many people don’t consider “djent” as a genre as it’s a sub-genre of progressive metal (which is a sub-genre itself), but it’s a way to identify that kind of music. So let’s


Zero Tolerance is a Death / Thrash metal band from Quillota, V Region, Chile, which begins its journey in 2010 and starts the composition of their debut album ''ABISMAL'' that debuted in 2015. The album is a death/thrash metal piece with groove influences. The album contains ten tracks, and each one

“Dark Tranquillity” – Atoma 2016 CD REVIEWS

After they released Construct 3 years ago, which wasn’t really what you wish to hear from Dark Tranquillity, the Swedish melodic death metal band has made a great comeback by releasing Atoma this year 2016. By great I meant everything you would love to hear from a melodic death metal


Quite often, when a band has been around as long as Testament, there is always a risk of a lackluster effort. Let’s face it, some established artists release “okay” material and it is wildly successful. If it was their debut, there probably wouldn’t be a follow-up album. This is NOT the case

“HJEL” Kalte Asche – 2016 CD REVIEWS

Hjel is a one-man atmospheric/melodic black metal project, coming from Germany. Max, the mastermind plays the guitar, bass and performs the vocals of this project. Kalte Asche is the debut, and what a great start. The album is what atmospheric black metal fans want to hear. So let’s talk about it: The

“DESTRAGE” A Means to No End – 2016 CD REVIEWS

If you don’t know them already Destrage is a metalcore band coming from Italy. This band, unlike many metalcore bands nowadays, doesn’t introduce mediocre or traditional metalcore albums. You can see that from the effort they exert and the quality of music they introduce as a metalcore band. After three successful albums

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