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THIS OR THAT WITH BLIND GUARDIAN By Chelf Hansi was doing lots of interviews that day. Trying to deal with press and different time zones can be confusing and overwhelming and overall a stressful day in the life of a rock star. I wanted to keep it short and sweet to help


5 QUESTIONS WITH ARTILLERY It’s been over a year since I last had a chat with Michael of Artillery. Naturally, we all missed him.  He remembered everything. What we talked about last time, the enormous amounts of fun that we had, and we were both ready for some more. I was in


HOW TO BE LIKE ROTTING CHRIST By Chelf Stick to your unpopular opinions. I once asked Sakis on an interview how come they get in trouble so often. He laughed and said that they won’t back off. They stick to their values even when times get hard. By the way, you can

Chit Chat With Simone

Simone Simons. You are thinking “Epica” right now, BUT Simone is a multifaceted individual. Since 2002, she travels the world with the band, and a camera by her side to ensure she documents all the pretty things in life. Besides the band she blogs, she is a mother, MUA (she has worked

One way trip to Eternity

One way trip to Eternity By Chelf The best piece of being a part of a huge metal magazine is getting tones of inspiration on a daily bases. People send recommendations, bands send demos, and readers tag me with songs they think I will like. This is how I first heard about


WOULD YOU RATHER WITH EXHUMED A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf   Hello Matt! You have a reputation of doing the best interviews (lucky me!) so I thought we would do something extra special together. Let’s do a ‘would you rather’ kind of thing to get to know you better through a series

Primordial/Serpent Lord – A Visual Diary

PRIMORDIAL | SERPENT LORD A VISUAL DIARY AND THE REASON WHY I DON’T DO REVIEWS By CHELF  I can show you the world through my eyes but I cannot tell you what to see. Nor can I tell you what to think and what to like or dislike. AT THE END OF THE DAY IT’S

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise By Chelf Edge of Paradise introduced a new universe recently and enraptured planet earth. We had a chat while they embark on a journey with Sonata Arctica. If you could choose one single thing to differentiate you from the rest of female fronted rock

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION Chelf | MHF | August 2019     It was 4pm. Perfect timing for a thrash metal, afternoon, tea-party. I invited Schmier of Destruction for cream tea and cake. It was David’s idea, my CEO who was clearly joking, but learned his lesson not to give me any crazy ideas. Schmier was happily surpised. ‘I don’t

48h with Suicidal Angels

GUS DRAX 48h with Suicidal Angels a different kind of interview Chelf | MHF | August 2019   Their  new album came out this August and we couldn’t be more hyped about that. After years of aggression a new piece of metal work is born, apparently out of hate. It was the perfect timing for us

5 more questions with Kory Clarke

5 more questions with Kory Clarke By Chelf   I once had my five questions interview with Kory. It wasn’t enough and I came back for more. I know you feel this way too, so keep on reading. With a new “ROCK 'N ROLL DISEASE” under his belt and live shows around the world he sure has

Interview With Sabaton

Sabaton reacting to comments A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf Hello hello! Joakim Brodén: Hello METALHEADS FOREVER!   You are releasing a new single in a couple of days, the 3rd official single from your new album. You are obviously doing a lot of interviews, and you are almost always on tour, I reckon you are currently

Interview With Belzebubs

Chelf and BELZEBUBS were left unattended. This is what happened: Chelf : Belzebubs I summon thee. Would you join me in a series of hypothetical scenarios? Hop on! You are on a psychotic killing spree. What song is playing during the slaying? Obesyx: Ars Moriendi by Mr Bungle! Hubbath: Damn, t-that was fast…looks like you've

Interview With Wormwood

This or that with Wormwood A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf Summer of 2019. June 1st. They took us back 152 years. What does one pack to travel back to 1867? To a year when the summer never came to Sweden. A devastating famine ravaged throughout the country. The scars from the starvation and the

Interview With Warrior Path

Warrior Path Valhalla via greece. next stop: sinnersworld.   By Chelf   Hello and welcome to our metal kingdom. Hello and thank you for the invitation! -Pack a bag. We are heading to Valhalla. How does that look like to you? Describe your own version of heaven. I am ready! With the sword in my hand, Valhalla I'm

Sepultura’s Gig Supported By Phenomy Banned In Lebanon

Sepultura's Gig Supported By Phenomy Banned In Lebanon By Chelf Is this a joke? Was my first reaction to the latest news. Metal band members had been banned from entering Lebanon, accused of being Satanists and same old same old. Unfortunately, it was not a joke, no, as Loïc El Haddad, the guitarist of Phenomy

Interview With Death Angel

talking about fame, money and the punk rock struggle of being a musician By Chelf True story: When we landed an interview with Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany, our CEO David, was so starstruck that made me to it for him. I was thrilled to talk to Rob. He is fun. Honest. Warmhearted and lively. The

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