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Taking off our corpse paint with DARK FORTRESS.

Venerated black metal specialists DARK FORTRESS return with a new album, “Spectres from the Old World”, after six-years. Germany's darkest sons continue where Venereal Dawn (2014) left off conceptually-the birth-death lifecycle of the universe as told by spacetime-but are expanding DARKFORTRESS' musical horizons by descending faster and with spiteful intent

Transhumanism with LYCHGATE

"Also sprach Futura" is the latest work of dystopian singularity from a band engaged in an intense process of evolution and refinement since their eponymous 2013 debut.   LYCHGATE here meld the swarming, stained-glass complexity of 20th Century classical, the phantasmagoric, intertwining riffage of progressive Death Metal, the heft and texture of


  We are counting down the days to May 16th. In Flames are performing in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Chelf will be there to cover the show and report back with a visual diary. Save the dates! Spread the word! Until then we give you the first issue of MHF SPECIALS dedicated to In Flames ---- Presale has already

Demons & Wizards | Hansi Kürsch responds to YOUTUBE comments

DEMONS & WIZARDS is what happens when two people who are friends for nearly three decades join forces to create one of the most legendary collaborations in the history of heavy metal. This is what happens when you get a Blind Guardian (Hansi Kürsch) and an Iced Earth-ling (Jon Schaffer)

Interview With God Dethroned

Interview With God Dethroned By Chelf An important part of the Dutch black metal scene, God Dethroned originally formed as a death metal band. When they reformed in 1996, they switched to blackened death metal and stayed that way until the release of Into the Lungs of Hell, when they shifted to

5 Questions With Carthagods

5 Questions With Carthagods By Chelf Powerful and already established as classic Tunisian metal, Carthagods are taking the metal scene by storm. I asked Mahdi Khema to stop for a moment and take a break from jamming with living legends and talented artists from the international Metal scene (Paul Di ANNO (Ex-Iron

Life and Art with BLAZE OF PERDITION

Life and Art with BLAZE OF PERDITION For the first time ever I am actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Care to guess why? On February 14th, Blaze of Perdition will release their new full-length, Harrowing of Hearts, via Metal Blade Records. Existing at the forefront of the Polish black metal


THIS OR THAT WITH BLIND GUARDIAN By Chelf Hansi was doing lots of interviews that day. Trying to deal with press and different time zones can be confusing and overwhelming and overall a stressful day in the life of a rock star. I wanted to keep it short and sweet to help


5 QUESTIONS WITH ARTILLERY It’s been over a year since I last had a chat with Michael of Artillery. Naturally, we all missed him.  He remembered everything. What we talked about last time, the enormous amounts of fun that we had, and we were both ready for some more. I was in


HOW TO BE LIKE ROTTING CHRIST By Chelf Stick to your unpopular opinions. I once asked Sakis on an interview how come they get in trouble so often. He laughed and said that they won’t back off. They stick to their values even when times get hard. By the way, you can

Chit Chat With Simone

Simone Simons. You are thinking “Epica” right now, BUT Simone is a multifaceted individual. Since 2002, she travels the world with the band, and a camera by her side to ensure she documents all the pretty things in life. Besides the band she blogs, she is a mother, MUA (she has worked

One way trip to Eternity

One way trip to Eternity By Chelf The best piece of being a part of a huge metal magazine is getting tones of inspiration on a daily bases. People send recommendations, bands send demos, and readers tag me with songs they think I will like. This is how I first heard about


WOULD YOU RATHER WITH EXHUMED A DIFFERENT KIND OF INTERVIEW By Chelf   Hello Matt! You have a reputation of doing the best interviews (lucky me!) so I thought we would do something extra special together. Let’s do a ‘would you rather’ kind of thing to get to know you better through a series

Primordial/Serpent Lord – A Visual Diary

PRIMORDIAL | SERPENT LORD A VISUAL DIARY AND THE REASON WHY I DON’T DO REVIEWS By CHELF  I can show you the world through my eyes but I cannot tell you what to see. Nor can I tell you what to think and what to like or dislike. AT THE END OF THE DAY IT’S

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise By Chelf Edge of Paradise introduced a new universe recently and enraptured planet earth. We had a chat while they embark on a journey with Sonata Arctica. If you could choose one single thing to differentiate you from the rest of female fronted rock

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION Chelf | MHF | August 2019     It was 4pm. Perfect timing for a thrash metal, afternoon, tea-party. I invited Schmier of Destruction for cream tea and cake. It was David’s idea, my CEO who was clearly joking, but learned his lesson not to give me any crazy ideas. Schmier was happily surpised. ‘I don’t

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