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Lemuria – A Hysterical Hunt Album Review

Lemuria - A Hysterical Hunt Album Review By David Kerber Normally I can’t take pleasure in Black Metal. Mainly because of the vocals but also musically I do not like most black metal bands. But there are a few exceptions, one of which is Lemuria from Belgium. They recently released their third

Southern Empire – Civilisation Review

Southern Empire – Civilisation Review by David Kerber And again an Australian band. Last time I reviewed Dead City Ruins, now it’s Southern Empire's turn. A progressive rock band that includes former Unitopia members, and is pretty much the only Australian prog rock band I know of. Because next to Southern Empire

Cyrcus Flyght – The Clueless Caravan Review

Cyrcus Flyght - The Clueless Caravan Review by David Kerber In 2012, the then Vigilance members Uwe Fleischhauer and Kai-Uwe Broek decided to found their own prog band. But it took some years until the band from Oldenburg decided to write their own songs and produce an album. Well, 2018, it finally

Poison Pill Album Review by David Kerber

Poison Pill   Several anonymous musicians from Sweden, who together pay homage to heavy metal. Is there a Ghost offshoot of former Ghost musicians? Probably not, because Poison Pill sound quite different than Ghost have done and still do. Because the poison pills sound more like Priest, King Diamond and consorts. Say

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