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Obituary ‘Slowly We Rot’ – Review

Obituary ‘Slowly We Rot’ Roadrunner Records 1989 Death Metal There has always been a lot of focus on Bay Area thrash scene, but by the late 1980’s, the Florida Tampa Bay death metal scene was burgeoning with bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and Obituary. These bands helped to refine and pioneer the death metal sound

Leviathan ‘Of Origins Unearthed’ – Review

Leviathan ‘Of Origins Unearthed’ Independent Release 2018 Melodic Death Metal The history of Leviathan has been marred by an extended run of bad luck including huge losses of money due to problems with their previous records distribution. This sadly caused Leviathan to call it a day in 2013 and the band went on an indefinite

Verilun ‘Through Fire… In The Sun’ – Review

Verilun ‘Through Fire… In The Sun’ Sliptrick Records 2018 Black/Death Metal   It has been a good few years since Verilun released their debut album ‘Home for the Dead’ in 2013. This year, the band from Hungary which plays a blend of death and black metal are back with their anticipated follow up ‘Through Fire… In

Decapitated ”Anticult” CD REVIEW

Decapitated "Anticult" by Adam McCann Nuclear Blast Records 2017 Decapitated lose their head a little early Decapitated are one of the leading names in the Polish death metal scene and although tragedy has stalked the band throughout their career, the band have continued to do what they do best since their reincarnation in


-by Fdez Ferdinand- It is a pleasure and a hell of an experience to talk with DEMONSEED, a Death Metal band directly from the brutal scene of DFW, Texas. I personally thank you guys for collaborate with Metalheads Forever Magazine and thanks for letting me make this interview and get to

Zero Tolerance Interview

Zero Tolerance is a Death / Thrash metal band from Quillota, V Region, Chile, which is born and began its journey in 2010. Early in their career, the band began to play cover songs; as time went on the band members decided it was time to produce their own material

MHF Member of the Month

MHF Member of the Month Member of the Month for August is Kristijan Kiki Fabijancic. Kris is 35 years old and lives in Croatia, where he works in a factory. He loves music, movies, going to concerts and hanging out with friends. Kris favorite genres are thrash and death, and his favorite bands

Veld Interview

"He is the powerful Great Duke of Hell, with thirty-six legions of demons under his command" Hi Kirill, Greetings from Metalheads Forever, How are you today? How is everything in your world? Hi man ! Everything fine. Thanks ! Would you please Introduce the band to the readers? VELD is  blackened death metal from Poland

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