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Europe – Walk The Earth Album Review

  Europe - Walk The Earth Album Review by Adam McCann   Band : Europe Album : Walk The Earth Hell And Back Recordings 2017 Unlike the endless rock compilations containing ‘The Final Countdown’ would have you believe. Gone are the big 80’s pomp sounding keyboards and pop driven melodies, replaced by a 70’s hard rock

Angona Interview

I know the band started in 2007 as Langona, disbanded, and reformed as Angona. Can you tell us why this occurred and list the current members? Due to education and work our band members went to different cities. Because of this, we had to disband. After about a year, we came

Almost Human Interview

“We are almost as old as dinosaurs, so old that it isn’t easy to date us with carbon fourteen” Hi Olivier, greetings from Metalheads Forever. How are you today? It’s a pleasure to have this interview with you and the band? Thanks, I’m doing pretty well. Answering to an interview in a warm

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