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Review of Set Before Us-Enigmas EP

Set Before Us is a MHF member band and hails from Tullinge a suburb of Stockholm. The 5 piece band that started up in 2012 and play metalcore with some influences of other generes. Enigmas is my first aquitance with the band. Metalcore is usually not a genere i listen to,

“Lucid Flies into the Record Book”

Review Of LUCID FLY - Building Castles in Air Hour Eleven Music / Vanity Music Group Released 11 October 2016 This band was new to me when i was gonna write this review, i started with blank sheets and no knowledge of this band. Lucid Fly is a melodic prog rock/metal band

“Darkthrone” – Artic Thunder Cd-Review

On the 14th october norwegian veterans Darkthrone released their 17th studioalbum. When it comes to Darkthrone you never know what you are getting until you hear the album. This was a highly anticipated album after the first track Tundra Leech got released as a taste of whats to come. I

Review of Dark Funeral

Review of Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media) Where Shadows Forever Reign was released June 3, 20 years after Dark Funeral released their first album. So this is not a new band, this band started in 1993 during the second wave of Black Metal and have had many


A new beginning... I was lucky enough to become an admin when Metalheads Forever was just a small group. My friend and founder David Maloney had a vision. We were going be the biggest and most diverse music group for metalheads online. As this is written, we count 81599 members in

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