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Eluvian released new EP

Eluvian released new EP Norwegian Melodic Death Metal band Eluvian released their new EP «The Doom of Edendalk». The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Emil Reitan in "Icicle Studios".   https://eluvian.bandcamp.com/album/the-doom-of-edendalk Eluvian was formed in 2017 at the cold and mountainous west coast of Norway by Mads Smebakk (guitar) and Markus Olsen (vocals). Soon after Ludvig Pedersen (drums) and Espen

Dargor Released New Single

Dargor Released New Single Polish Black Metal band Dargor released their new single «Crown», cover to Swiss Black Metal band "Samael". The single was recorded in "Regnat Studio", and mixed/mastered by Adrian Mięsowicz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XElk4pwbgU Dargor was formed in 2017 as a one-man project at Krosno, Poland by Michal Kustra. Having a dream about creating music with inspirations from bands

Iron Rider Released Debut EP

Iron Rider Released Debut EP American Stoner/Doom Metal band Iron Rider released their debut EP «Wondering If You're in Hell by Now».  The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Mead-Fox at "Spaceman Studios" in Brooklyn, New York. https://ironrider.bandcamp.com/releases Iron Rider was formed in 2017 at Brooklyn, New York by Mark Grillo (Guitars, Vocals), Julian

Secret Agenda Released New Video Clip

Secret Agenda Released New Video Clip Malaysian Groove Metal band Secret Agenda released their new video clip «Resurrection Day». The single was recorded in "Jiwa Besi Studio", and mixed/mastered by Sendart Daarchlea. The video film was making by "Cromeart Production" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT281AoowUE Secret Agenda was formed in 2014 at Perak, Malaysia by Caown (guitar). Soon after Firz

Belle Morte Released New Single

Belle Morte Released New Single Belarusian Symphonic/Gothic Metal band Belle Morte released their new single «To Get Her». The single was recorded at "Ivory Studio" and mixed/mastered by Sergei Butovski. https://bellemorte.bandcamp.com/track/to-get-her Belle Morte was formed at Minsk, Belarus formed in 2015. The idea behind Belle Morte is combining the beautiful and innocent part (Belle) with malicious and

Exomnia Released New EP

Exomnia Released New EP Greek Melodic Death Metal band Exomnia released their debut EP «Aftermath». The EP was recorded between July and November 2018 in "Blueberry productions Co", and mixed/mastered by Kofinas Kostas. https://exomniaband.bandcamp.com/releases Exomnia was formed in 2017 at Thessaloniki, Greece by Nick Chatzisavvoglou (guitar) and Giannis Panitsas (bass). Soon after Alex Christanis (vocals), Dino George

Calea Dreaming new EP release date

Calea Dreaming new EP release date Australian Atmospheric Post-Black Metal band Calea Dreaming will release their new EP «A Cloudy Mist» in the 1st of June 2019. The EP was recorded/mixed and mastered by Calea in "Huon Pine Studio". https://caleadreaming.bandcamp.com/ Calea Dreaming was formed in 2016 at Coffs Harbour, Australia as a one man project creating a mix

Salem Trials Released New Single

Salem Trials Released New Single American Alternative Metal band Salem Trials released their new single «Rotten Path». The single was recorded at "Train Wreck Studios" and mixed by Randy Massia and Mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract/4Dsounds.com. Video was filmed by by Ryan Stacey Photography. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9iP7o3n9iU Salem Trials was formed in 2016 by Jericho Spencer (vocals),

Fallen Tyrant released new album

Fallen Tyrant released new album German Black Metal band Fallen Tyrant released their new album «Children of a Nuclear Dawn». The album was recorded and mixed by Rene Hofmann at "Wasted Life Studio" and mastered by Markus Stock at "Studio E". The album was released by Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. https://fallentyrant.bandcamp.com/ Fallen Tyrant was formed in 2008 by Mithras

Thy Despair Released Debut EP

Thy Despair Released Debut EP Ukrainian Symphonic Metal band Thy Despair released their new EP «The Free One». The EP was recorded in "PystelnukArt Studio", and mix/mastered in "TA Promotion". The EP was released in two variants: in English and in Ukrainian languages, in order to get across to the English speaking audience the idea

Age of Reborn released debut EP

Age of Reborn released debut EP Colombian Speed/Thrash Metal band Age of Reborn released their debut self-titled EP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW5lXDRJKdE Age of Reborn was formed in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia by JD Reborn (Guitarist, Composer & ex-member of “BARBARIAN”), Johan Zummon (Composer, Vocalist, Guitarist and member of “CHAINSAW KILLER”) and Rafa Zummon (Drummer, Composer and member of “CHAINSAW KILLER” &

Karmian released debut album

Karmian released debut album Italian Melodic Death Metal band  Karmian released their debut album «Surgere et Cadere». The album was recorded at "ZetaFactory Studio" and "Dysfunction Studio". Recorded, mixed, engineered by Giuseppe Bassi of "Dysfunction Productions" and mastered by Giuseppe Bassi. https://karmian.bandcamp.com/album/surgere-et-cadere Karmian was formed in 2005 under the name of "When the Storm Broke" at Modena, Italy. The first songs are

Munson Fletcher released new single

Munson Fletcher released new single Russian Alternative Rock/Indie Rock band Munson Fletcher released their new single "Zakoni Stai". The single was recorded in "Chemodanov Production" and mixed/mastered at "Voshod Studio". Artwork by Leonid Bye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKqXUpzLfBM Munson Fletcher was formed in 2017 at Moscow by Michail Kalmikov (vocals) and Leonid Leshenko (guitars). Right now the band work

Cumbomb released new album

Cumbomb released new album Australian Grindcore band Cumbomb released their new album  «Does This Look Offended?». The album was released thru "Disposable Culture" label, and recorded/mixed and mastered in "Oracle Sound Records" by Jay Huxtable. https://cumbomb.bandcamp.com/album/does-this-look-offended Cumbomb  was formed in 2017 at Perth, Western Australia by Mike (Vocals, Bass) and Jay (Vocals, Guitars, Drums).  Last year the band released  2 albums “Forced Waste Consumption” and “Capitalism is

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