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Karmian released debut album

Karmian released debut album Italian Melodic Death Metal band  Karmian released their debut album «Surgere et Cadere». The album was recorded at "ZetaFactory Studio" and "Dysfunction Studio". Recorded, mixed, engineered by Giuseppe Bassi of "Dysfunction Productions" and mastered by Giuseppe Bassi. https://karmian.bandcamp.com/album/surgere-et-cadere Karmian was formed in 2005 under the name of "When the Storm Broke" at Modena, Italy. The first songs are

Munson Fletcher released new single

Munson Fletcher released new single Russian Alternative Rock/Indie Rock band Munson Fletcher released their new single "Zakoni Stai". The single was recorded in "Chemodanov Production" and mixed/mastered at "Voshod Studio". Artwork by Leonid Bye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKqXUpzLfBM Munson Fletcher was formed in 2017 at Moscow by Michail Kalmikov (vocals) and Leonid Leshenko (guitars). Right now the band work

Cumbomb released new album

Cumbomb released new album Australian Grindcore band Cumbomb released their new album  «Does This Look Offended?». The album was released thru "Disposable Culture" label, and recorded/mixed and mastered in "Oracle Sound Records" by Jay Huxtable. https://cumbomb.bandcamp.com/album/does-this-look-offended Cumbomb  was formed in 2017 at Perth, Western Australia by Mike (Vocals, Bass) and Jay (Vocals, Guitars, Drums).  Last year the band released  2 albums “Forced Waste Consumption” and “Capitalism is

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