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Walls Of Jericho Interview

Walls Of Jericho Interview By Gothik Divaa The American band “Wall of Jericho” is with us to talk about their 20 years of career and future plans. Hello guys! thanks for your time for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, Greetings from Mexico City. You have been in Metalcore for 20 years ... How do you think

WEB Interview

WEB Interview with Sakis Prekas By Gothik Divaa This time we have in “Metalheads Forever Magazine”  the Greek band of  Dark Metal “W.E.B”, we will talk about their career and the album “Tartarus” .   Hello guys … How are you today?   We are still around, alive and fighting our way through life. In my

Voodoo Angel Interview

Voodoo Angel Interview By Gothik Divaa Hello guys! … How are you today?   Hello, We are doing very well : we're lucky to make music !   What about you ? You´re a seemingly new band but at the same time the members already have experience in music. So I would like to know,

Atrexial Interview

Atrexial Interview By Gothik Divaa In this chapter of “Metalheads Forever” we will be with the Spanish Blackened / Death metal band “Atrexial” talking about their debut album “Souverain”. Hello guys ! How are you today ? Greetings from Mexico City ! Greetings from Barcelona to you and the audience! Louen here, guitarist and

Stortregn Interview

Stortregn Interview By Gothik Divaa This time we have in “Metalheads Forever”  the Swiss band of  Blackened Death metal “Stortregn”, we will talk about their career and the album “Emptiness Fills The Void”. Hello guys ! Thanks for your time, How are you today?  We're doing fine, thanks!     You  have 13 years of career

Crematory Interview

Crematory Interview By Gothik Divaa The German Gothic Metal band with Death Metal influences "Crematory ", will be with us in this issue of "Metalheads Forever ", talking about their career and of course their upcoming album "Oblivion ". Hello, guys! I hope you are fine, greetings from Mexico City, how are you

Ascendant Interview

Ascendant  Interview by Gothik Divaa How is the metal scene in Dubai?   Ashish: While the metal scene as a whole is rather small, there is a devoted fan base. We owe a lot to them as well as the other bands here - there is genuine comradery. There is a lot of talent

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