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HammerFall ‘Dominion’ Album Review

HammerFall ‘Dominion’ Album Review By Adam McCann Napalm Records/Power Metal When Swedish metal legends HammerFall announce a new album, it is already wildly known what the listener will get; this is the band which changed the playing field in the late 90’s and were the main driving force in moulding modern power metal.

HAMMERFALL – Unveil Album Title & Release Day!

HAMMERFALL - Unveil Album Title & Release Day! Swedish Heavy Metal legends HAMMERFALL unveil a very special Christmas surprise for their fans! Some very first details of their highly anticipated upcoming studio album have been released by Joacim Cans and Oscar Dronjak. Don‘t miss out on the news here: So to start the new

Hammerfall Interview

Hammerfall Interview By Andrea Bermúdez Hammerfall the great Swedish power metal band is on the road and granted us the following interview talking about its great present, their upcoming album and future plans. Hi! My name is Andrea Bermúdez and this is an interview for Metalheads Forever Magazine. First of all thank you for your

“HAMMERFALL” Interview

by Fdez Ferdinand From the lands of Sweden, we have the opportunity to chat with an iconic heavy metal band, the mighty Hammerfall, that has given us, from its beginnings, a memorable musical experience and that coming from a country where the extreme metal predominates, letting us know that the powerful

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