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What would Mikko do? Swallow The Sun Interview They rose upon the water from the blackest depths of Lumina Aurea, to light the golden torches between the worlds. I rose from my empire of loneliness to listen to the songs of the north. We met in the middle because love is stronger than

Interview With Trollfest

Interview With Trollfest By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today? Heya all good, How are you man   Tomorrow is the release for Norwegian Fairytales, how do you feel about the album? The album is really good, we are very happy about this new album, We will be playing  tomorrow in

Interview With Billy Rowe Of Jet boy

Interview With Billy Rowe Of Jet boy By Keith Clement San-Francisco based Hard Rock band founded in 83 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod. The band moved to L.A. in 86 after signing a record deal with Elektra Records. Their musical influences from Punk to Rock N Roll to blues. Jet

Nailed To Obscurity Interview

Nailed To Obscurity Interview by Chelf They are the ones who managed to combine a diligent, dedicated metal presence with a strong D.I.Y work-ethic which, today, is a very hard quality to come by. A sheer heaviness along with melodic, melancholic guitars and slight, progressive twists and turns are the elements that take

Porn Interview

I know you’ve been listening to  PORN -An Interview- Aggressive yet sexy, powerful, dark and dangerous music. This is how they define their work. MURDER ROCK. “Something like a beautiful, tasty fruit with a razor blade inside.” Do they know how to paint a vivid picture or what? I choked on my pineapple chunks. Their music videos are mini

Still, a band can dream – Interview with Dimlight

Still, a band can dream - Interview with Dimlight By Rainer Kerber Normally I don’t get anything out of Death Metal bands, even if it is called melodic or symphonic. But there are exceptions. One of them is called Dimlight and comes from Greece. Dimlight mix Death Metal parts with moody Doom

A chat with Morpheus Outcry and Pick Up Bones

A chat with Morpheus Outcry and Pick Up Bones In preparation for their upcoming live show with Ryan Roxy and Crystal Tears we had the chance to chat with Morpheus Outcry and Pick Up Bones to see what they are up to. Hey guys! Welcome to MHF and the Chelfdom. We are looking

A Chat With Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church

A chat with Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church By Chelf If there’s one church that doesn’t spook me that’s Metal Church. I had a lovely chat with Kurdt Vanderhoof, who turned out to be the most welcoming, eloquent and approachable rock star I have ever met. From the very first moment I felt that

FLOWERLEAF Interview + “STRONGER” Album Review

FLOWERLEAF Interview + "STRONGER" Album Review By John Paul Romero FLOWERLEAF is a symphonic power metal band from Brazil, home of Angra, Seputlura and lots of other quality metal groups. They have gained their popularity over youtube with their first single “Firesoul”, but stepped into the spotlight upon the release of their second

Interview With Third Storm

Interview With Third Storm By John Paul Romero Far from the stronghold of metal, Sweden, hails extreme metallers THIRD STORM. On the ninth of November this year, they released their debut full-length offering “The Grand Manifestation” which caught audience and press attention by creating a sound that combines the elements of thrash,

Sodom Interview

Sodom Interview By Lilith Welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine! How have you been? I have been very busy the last month. After splitting up with the guys, I had to react very soon, the get the new line-up back in business. We spent a lot of time in our new rehearsal room to

Interview With Lynchpin

Would You Rather With LYNCHPiN By Chelf  This Year they released their second album “Millennial Holocaust” unleashing a new wave of their Caribbean brutality upon the world. They are made of satire, Death/Groove/Djent, dark comedy, determination, professionalism and passion. We had a chat with them to find out whether they would rather be transported

Interview With Run Chicken Run

Interview With Run Chicken Run By Keith Clement Hello guys, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how’s it going? -Hi Keith! Everything is working really fine. Very good shows and a great feeling with the public. Our ears are pretty corked but, it’s alright!   Earlier in October “Don’t forget the Wine” was out, how is

Interview With Injury

Interview With Injury By Keith Clement Hello guys, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m happy to have this interview with you guys, how’s everything on your side of the world? Hi Keith, it's' a honor for us to reply to your interview. In this part of the globe everybody seems in a good

Interview With The Selfish Cales

Interview With The Selfish Cales By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you guys doing? Hey there, thanks for the invitation! In these days we are busy with some press feedback around our latest album, and we're very glad about it. But we also started to work to