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"DANGEROUS TOYS" Interview by John Curtis If you’re like me and grew up in the Hair Metal Era , you would probably agree that some of the most fantastic music in the history of Hard Rock and Metal was emerging all around us. We were sportin big hair , shredded jeans


"ATTACK OF THE RISING" INTERVIEWS by John Curtis Blose Are you a fan of true hard hitting Rock n Roll with a soul ? A band formed and influenced from the musical DNA of the Rock n Roll Metal Godz ? you know; the true fathers of Metal , Iron Maiden;

Exhortation Interview

by John Curtis Blose As a long time member of MHF and part of the staff here at the Official MHF magazine I am lucky to on occasion be introduced to some up and coming kickass talent. I was contacted by Isaac Goldsmith drummer for the band Exhortation and ask to


If you're fans of Sabbath, Purple, Pentagram, Maiden, Priest you will absolutely dig these guys ! The band is made up of Bill Eagen, Paul Walz, Larry Burlison and Erik Sugg and when this talented foursome plugs in the mix of classic heavy metal / groove metal with a touch

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