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KISS Support Act

KISS Support Act Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA to open for KISS in Sweden. Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA has been confirmed as the special guest when KISS plays their final concert ever in Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 23. Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA is currently finishing up a new album to be released later this year on a yet undecided label. Besides

Kiss ‘Creatures of the Night’ Album Review

Kiss ‘Creatures of the Night’ Album Review by Adam McCann Mercury/Casablanca Records/1982/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal By 1982, it had been a tough few years for Kiss, after the pop orientated ‘Unmasked’ and the ludicrous concept album ‘Music from the Elder’ the hottest band in the world suddenly found themselves struggling in a brave new

Is Gene Full of Hot Air

"Is Gene Full of Hot Air" by David Maloney KISS vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons is known for his many marketing antics. Let’s face it, outside wearing all of that makeup and giving fans everything they could ever ask for at a KISS show, Simmons is a smart businessman. According to societyofrock, the

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