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“CANNABIS CORPSE” Left Hand Pass CD Review

     "Cannabis Corpse" Left Hand Pass Cd review by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza Smooth and very slow it takes its time to follow its command, very deep inside and it goes through you. Searching for what it most wants and takes it without even asking for it, just wants you to


"DECAPITATED" ANTICULT CD-Review by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza It is said that when we innovate our knowledge increases. I think that when we live and see or listen to new things our senses and mental abilities are amplified even improved in many ways. I wanted to listen to something new, fresh, exciting.


"MUNICIPAL WASTE" (SLIME AND PUNISHMENT REVIEW) by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza Have you ever felt that something is so impressing that the word mindblowing isn't enough to describe it? That it’s just so intense and cool that it hurts? Well , I can say that "awesome" doesn't even describe "Slime And Punishment" I

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