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Taking off our corpse paint with DARK FORTRESS.

Venerated black metal specialists DARK FORTRESS return with a new album, “Spectres from the Old World”, after six-years. Germany's darkest sons continue where Venereal Dawn (2014) left off conceptually-the birth-death lifecycle of the universe as told by spacetime-but are expanding DARKFORTRESS' musical horizons by descending faster and with spiteful intent

“SERHAN USTUNOL” Special Thanks!

I would like to take a moment to thank our fellow Senior Administrator, Graphics Design specialist and good friend of Metalheads Forever. This wonderful person is a kind hearted and gentle soul with patience and determination. He spent the better part of two Months designing our website. In which today

Special Thanks to our Staff and Administrators!

I would like to take a few moments to express my most sincere thanks to our amazing staff and to our amazing admins here at Metalheads Forever. I reflect and look back and can clearly see without you, none of us would be here. Some of you have been here

Special Thanks to “Fdez Ferdinand” and “Chetan Wunny”

I would like to take a moment to thank my good friends and fellow administrators Fdez Ferdinand and Chetan Wunny. These two amazing young men designed our name and new logo respectively. They gave us a brand new identity, a identity in which I’m very proud of. These two gentlemen

“Carnifex” Slow Death CD-Review

Carnifex-Slow Death (2016) Track Listing Dark Heart Ceremony Slow Death Drown Me in Blood Pale Ghost Black Candles Burning Six Feet Closer to Hell Necrotoxic Life Fades to a Funeral Countess of the Crescent Moon Servants to the Horde The best album of 2016 in my opinion goes to Carnifex's Slow Death

MHF Member of the Month

MHF Member of the Month Member of the Month for August is Kristijan Kiki Fabijancic. Kris is 35 years old and lives in Croatia, where he works in a factory. He loves music, movies, going to concerts and hanging out with friends. Kris favorite genres are thrash and death, and his favorite bands

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