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Every now and then a band comes out of nowhere and sets the music industry on its collective edge and you're left wondering where the hell did that come from. In this case it came from Toronto, Canada in the form of Ascendia. Hey are a 5 pc Symphonic Progressive

“Korn” – The Serenity of Suffering CD-Review 2016

Hate them or love them, Korn is one of the best alternative metal/nu-metal bands out there. After going a little bit soft with their style, they come back with one of their heaviest albums ever. And it is not just heavy but well sorted too. Jonathan Davis, vocals are pretty

Dreams of Nature “Magic Transcendence” CD-Review

If you don’t know them already “Dreams of Nature” is a one-man atmospheric/ambient black metal band, coming from Bogot, Colombia. All instruments are played by a guy called “L”. He released the debut on 2015 which is called “Spirit of Nature”. Magic Transcendence is the second album. The album contains 6


Trivax is a circle of mayhem and misanthropy that crawled out of nowhere and will destroy everything that stands in front of it as the existence of a band like this serve very high purposes. It was originally formed as a one man black metal band by Shayan in Tehran, Iran


Dee Snider Twisted Sister Front man unleashes his new solo cd. Being a fan for many years I anticipated this release greatly. First off it's Dee Snider not Twisted...So no need for the comparison again. That being said onto the album. "We Are The Ones' Track 1. We are the ones...Title track

MHF Member of the Month “Nicole Sorensen”

MHF Member of the Month for October is the Wonderful "Nicole Sorensen" Nicole is 23, and lives in Tampa, Florida. She's been a fan of rock and heavy metal, since the tender age of 9, and in her teens she started getting into heavier music. Her list of favourite bands includes


Metal legends Testament have finally released their highly anticipated follow up to 'Dark Roots of Earth'. A long 4 year gap between "Roots" and the new 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' but finally it has been unleashed. First off I am huge fan of Testament and waiting for this album to

Road To A Metal Dream

ROAD TO A METAL DREAM The Road to a Metal dream isn’t always paved with gold or stardom, for some the levels of success can’t be determined or calculated by monetary value or amount of album sales and amount of commercial success. For some the value can only be defined by

Reverence Interview

In 2010 the World witnessed the birth of Reverence. How did you come up with such an amazing band name? Well, we wanted something that had meaning, we really struggled to find something and couldn't find anything we felt was right for quite a while so Todd and I just started

Horridhavoc’s Halloween List

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. Haunted houses, ghosts, witches, kids dressing up and having a great time: everything about it is just so appealing to me! I have always been obsessed with “scary” things, such as horror movies, horror novels and comic books, Living Dead Dolls,

“Lucid Flies into the Record Book”

Review Of LUCID FLY - Building Castles in Air Hour Eleven Music / Vanity Music Group Released 11 October 2016 This band was new to me when i was gonna write this review, i started with blank sheets and no knowledge of this band. Lucid Fly is a melodic prog rock/metal band


  Where did you get the band name? Anapsique is the name of an antidepressant, as a child I was diagnosed with depression and that was the name of the drug I was supposed to take. I'm against antidepressants because I don't believe in such of thing like depression, we all

Our Finest Hour “Overkill”

Overkill have released the brand new single, “Our Finest Hour” along with an accompanying lyric video. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming studio album, ‘The Grinding Wheel’ which is set for a November 4 release via Nuclear Blast Records. "Looks like the 'machine' is up and rolling, but for

King Of The Holt ” SLAYER”

Kerry King says that he is "completely open" to the idea of Gary Holt contributing song ideas to the next SLAYER album. Holt, who is still a member of San Francisco Bay Area thrash icons EXODUS, has been the touring guitarist for SLAYER since January 2011 when the band's co-founding guitarist,

The Alpha Complex – Generate (2014)

Michael Woodruff is no stranger to the metal scene having fronted Motograter, Relevent and Riven before taking his talents and forming The Alpha Complex in 2012. After several versions of the lineup the band released Generate in 2014 and has spent the last two years crisscrossing the country destroying venues


METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has once again spoken about how far the digital music industry has come since 2000 when the band launched legal action against Napster, claiming that the pioneering music file-sharing service was illegally allowing users to download METALLICA tracks without paying royalties to the group. Although the

New “IN Flames” In November

In Flames are less than a month away from dropping Battles, their 12th studio album since forming in 1990. Evolving through a myriad of different sounds, they’re exploring new territory yet again with “The End” and “The Truth” already painting a vast musical picture. With the new song “Through My


"ALPHA OMEGA AND EMP WORLD METAL DOMINATION" PART ONE! By Jay Rollins Metal has become a musical tradition of global synergy. First sprouting roots over 50 years ago, primarily in Europe, although Coven was leading the way down the dark path in America. The NWOBHM infected North American bands, who then in

“Bands of the Week” by Shibalika Tamuli

Hello, Metalheads from around the world! Not wasting any time, here's this week's top picks. P.S - It's all death metal this time!! The lucid collective - Archspire If you love the technical sugarcubes in your cup of death metal, and do not know these guys; you, my friend, are living under