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Angel – Angel Maria (Single) Review

Angel - Angel Maria (Single) Review By Rainer Kerber It's been almost 15 years since Norwegian vocalist Helena Irish Michaelsen (Imperia, former Trail Of Tears, former Sahara Dust) launched her solo project Angel. So, the album "A Woman's Diary - Chapter I" and the single "Do not Wanna Run" were released in

Sophie Lloyd A New Kind of Super-Star

Sophie Lloyd A New Kind of Super-Star By Michael Aronovitz     Rock is many things. It is poetic religion, emotional architecture, politics and pop culture in a strange twisted hybrid, parody, satire, mystery, and melodrama. Some use it to provide the thematic soundtrack to their day to day, while others opt for sitting back

Nereis Review

Nereis Soundtracks and Emotional Dynamics Review By Michael Aronovitz Nereis is a band recently signed by Eclipse Records (this past January), and their album Turning Point had its worldwide release June 8th, 2018. A celebration this must have been! It is a thing of wonder to be a part of something right at

Lights Out – Celebrating 50 Years of UFO

Lights Out - Celebrating 50 Years of UFO By Adam McCann To last 10 years in this business requires some serious guile, but to survive for 50 years? That takes some serious staying power and UFO have shown time and time again that they are not going to lie down and die.

Vehement – Ashes Album Review

Vehement - Ashes Album Review by Adam McCann Infernum Records Black Metal 2017   The south-east of England may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about black metal, but this burgeoning scene is home to many of England’s finest extreme metal bands. Counted amongst these are Vehement, who release their second

Inhibitions – La Danse Macabre Review

Inhibitions - La Danse Macabre Review By Monica Redwine Inhibitions is a black metal band from Athens. The band is a 2-man band composed of Dimons Night who in in charge of vocals, music production, drums, guitar, bass and keyboard, and Pain who also contributes to vocals and guitar. On Facebook Dimons

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse Review

Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse Album Review by Adam McCann Label : Century Media Records Year : 2018 The Sun is Eclipsed by the Wolf Watain have carried the torch of true black metal since the turn of the millennium and now 18 years on, the band have delivered their sixth album ‘Trident Wolf

Voices of the Succubi 2017 Review by Rainer Kerber

Voices Of The Succubi 2017 Location: Château Buskett (Malta) Date: September 1st/2nd 2017 The small Mediterranean island of Malta is the venue for several rock and metal festivals. Throughout the year there are the Dark Winter Meeting, Metal Over Malta, Malta Doom Metal Festival - just to name a few. A further festival

“Sifting” CD REVIEW

"Sifting" The Real Deal By Michael Aronovitz I am a fan of The Eclipse Record label, and I don’t think this is news. I have had the pleasure of writing in-depth reviews concerning Saint Diablo, A Breach of Silence, Mindshift, Despite, Cold Snap, As Paradise Falls, Twelve Noon, and Our Last


GOJIRA - GAS MONKEY LIVE REVIEW By Cherri Bird OCTOBER 13, 2017 & CODE ORANGE, TORCHE CURRENT RECORD: MAGMA | ROADRUNNER RECORDS Joe Duplantier - Guitar, Vocals | Mario Duplantier - Drums | Christian Andreu - Guitar | Jean-Michel Labadie - Bass Since 1996, this group (then known as Godzilla) - GOJIRA has whittled

Enslaved-E review by Geir Olaisen

  Enslaved was formed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson in Haugesund in June 1991, in the start they was a a viking,nature and nordic mythology themed black metal band, as years have goneby they have become more and more progressive. As band they have stood the test of time brilliantly and always evolved. E is the


"SONS OF TEXAS" CD REVIEW HOMETOWN: MCALLEN, TEXAS RECORD LP: “FORGED BY FORTITUDE” LABEL: RAZOR & TIE - DROP DATE: 9/22/2017 BAND MEMBERS: Mark Morales: Vocals Mike Villarreal: Drums Nick Villarreal: Bass Jon Olivares: Guitar Jes De Hoyos: Guitar OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR “BENEATH THE RIVERBED”: I am not gonna lie y’all. The guys in SONS OF TEXAS have an inherent

A Megalith of a Release by Adam McCann

Edguy Monuments Nuclear Blast Records 2017 25 years ago, who would have thought that a bunch of German teenagers would set out to make their mark on the heavy metal world? Led by the enigmatic ball of kinetic energy Tobias Sammet, a fresh faced, happy go-lucky group of 15 year olds obsessed with the

Devildriver-Trust no one albumreview by Geir Olaisen

Devildriver is band i heard  alot about and  been metioned often, but to be someone who listen to alot different bands and generes they have been a band i haven`t found to interesting to check out. Probably because the members have been assosciated with NU metal acts before, a genere im not to fond of,

As Paradise Falls Review

As Paradise Falls A Call From the Abyss By Michael Aronovitz The song “Star Blind,” by Eclipse recording artists As Paradise Falls, is the potent and devastating first cut that appears on the album Digital Ritual, just released worldwide on July 21, 2017. This is a song about death and denial, a terrifying

Chains Over Razors – Revi

Chains Over Razors by Michael Aronovitz "Old Blood, New Ground" Good things come in threes, and we gravitate toward them like old friends. As a thematic human design - man, woman, and child is as familiar to most of us as is Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit, and whether our particular

Twelve Noon – Review

Twelve Noon By Michael Aronovitz The Faces We See In Our Shattered Reflections I have constructed what is now an ongoing proposal that Eclipse Records is not just a “Deathcore” label, or even one that merely produces and distributes “New Metal.” That would be the definition of a conduit, and Eclipse is

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