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SEPULTURA – Release Second Single “Last Time” From “Quadra”

Release Second Single "Last Time" From "Quadra" Pre-order Available Here: Today, Brazilian thrash metal heroes SEPULTURA release the official lyric video for their second single from new album Quadra, entitled "Last Time". The track boasts a commanding intro that kicks into a raw thrash masterpiece: "Last Time" is a song with massive power, depth and guts. Find out what all the fuss

SEPULTURA – Announces Their Quadra 2020 North American Tour!

Announces Their Quadra 2020 North American Tour! Pre-order Available Here: The age of Quadra is upon us: On February 7th, SEPULTURA release their new masterpiece - a savage slap in the face, proving once again the sheer endless versatility of the Brazilian metal heroes. Today, the band announce the Quadra 2020 Tour! The 29-date tour kicks off at the San

SEPULTURA – Banned To Perform In Lebanon & To Stream Their Dubai Performance

Banned To Perform In Lebanon & To Stream Their Dubai Performance The SEPULTURA performance which was scheduled to take at The Palace – hamra in Beirut on April 28th was cancelled due to the fact that the band was not allowed to perform in the country by the general security office. It is the first time in SEPULTURA’s 35 year history that they have been banned from performing in a

Sepultura’s Gig Supported By Phenomy Banned In Lebanon

Sepultura's Gig Supported By Phenomy Banned In Lebanon By Chelf Is this a joke? Was my first reaction to the latest news. Metal band members had been banned from entering Lebanon, accused of being Satanists and same old same old. Unfortunately, it was not a joke, no, as Loïc El Haddad, the guitarist of Phenomy

DYING GORGEOUS LIES Announce Jay’na D. as New Keyboard Player, To Join SEPULTURA in Burglengenfeld!

DYING GORGEOUS LIES Announce Jay'na D. as New Keyboard Player, To Join SEPULTURA in Burglengenfeld! German Female fronted thrash metallers DYING GORGEOUS LIES have announced their new keyboard player, Jay'na D.! "We are proud and thrilled to announce that Dying Gorgeous Lies joined forces with Jay`na D. The blonde „Nordlicht“ will from

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