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Interview With Phoenix Van Der Weyden

Interview With Phoenix Van Der Weyden By Keith Clement   Hi Phoenix Van Der Weyden, This is Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine,  how are you? Hi, Keith ! I´m doing very well . It´s a pleasure to be doing interview for Metalheads Forever Magazine .   On September 24th you are planning to release your album

Interview With Mike Risko of Ego

Interview With Mike Risko of Ego By Keith Clement   Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you doing today Mike? Hi Keith! I'm good, thanks. I just had band practice with EGO. We are working on new material. Four new songs are already complete, the music to two more are written


Guitarmageddon The autumn weather usually brings cool weather, but this autumn on the east coast of the USA, things are going to heat up with the Guitarmageddon tour...featuring three virtuoso guitar players shredding up the stage with their guitar heroics! Joe Stump, David Mercado(Shadow Eden) and Desiree Bassett will be headlining

EGO-NOSFERATU/Shredguy Records 34th release

EGO-NOSFERATU/Shredguy Records 34th release The summer months are getting hotter as Shredguy Records releases the epic progressive metal album from the band EGO titled Nosferatu. This concept album, which is divided into three parts, is the 34th release from Shredguy Records. “ I have wanted to work with EGO for years”

Sean Baker Interview

Sean Baker Interview by Keith Clement It was a great pleasure to Interview the master of Shred Sean Baker, he is talented and have worked with legends and have made a lot of contribution to the world of music. I'm very thankful to Mike the man behind Shredguy Records, a great

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