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Female Metal Fest V – Prix libre 2019

Female Metal Fest V - Prix libre 2019 Venue: Geneva, Villa Tacchini Date: November 30th, 2019 By Rainer Kerber   It was a small anniversary. The Female Metal Fest in Geneva took place for the fifth time. Like last year, the Villa Tacchini in Lancy was the venue. Four bands from France, Malta and Germany

Photo Footage From Exit 111

Photo Footage from Exit 111   We are bringing you photo footage from the Inaugural Festival Exit 111 which happened over the weekend at the Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee. The three day event featured heavyweight lineup by headliners Guns N Roses, Def Leppard and Lynyrd Skynyrd...with great acts...Check out.   (Alter Bridge, 10

Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation May 2019

Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation May 2019   Welcome back to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This month shows that trad metal is rising back to the forefront of heavy metal music with fantastic releases from Riot City, Mystik and Amulet. We also hammer out new anthems from Amon Amarth, Usurper and

Imperial Age, molllust & Sechem – Hamburg

Imperial Age, molllust & Sechem – Hamburg Location: Logo, Hamburg Date: March 3rd, 2019 "New Wave of Symphonic Heavy Metal". This is how the Moscow band Imperial Age describes their music. As influences, among others, Therion, Avantasia and Within Temptation are called. After several tours through Europe as support for Therion they went

Metal Over Malta 2019 – A Preview

Metal Over Malta 2019 - A Preview By Rainer Kerber It will be a small anniversary. The Metal Over Malta Festival will be held for the fifth time on March 22nd and 23rd, 2019. I have been a regular on the small Mediterranean island since the second edition in 2016. Just like

Out Of The Shadoes “Aska”

Out Of The Shadoes "Aska" This month we travel north to the music rich country of Sweden. If you travel north and follow along the Skellefteå River about 15 kilometers from the Bothnian Bay open sea you will come to the city of Skellefteå where you can find the female fronted band

FAQ With In The Woods

FAQ With In The Woods By Chelf In anticipation of their new album that is released on the 23rd of November we are ceasing the day and getting together to ask them a few –maybe not so- frequently asked questions, see what they are up to and what makes solitude so respectfully

Rumjacks & Bad Movies A Visual Diary

Rumjacks & Bad Movies A Visual Diary By Chelf Bad Movies warming up the crowd. They are the guys next door. In the most badass, punk rock, rebel version. True to their beliefs, modest, unaffected. Leaving no other option but moshing. …and then came The RUMJACKS Touring October November December. Check out the tour dates here. ………………. Thank you for joining us on

MHF Member Band Of The Month – A Sound Of Thunder

MHF Member Band Of The Month - A Sound Of Thunder By Shadoe Moon       This month's Member Band of the month hails from the Washington D.C. metro area in the United States. A Sound of Thunder is a female fronted traditional heavy metal band. The four-piece band is known for its powerful


GOJIRA - GAS MONKEY LIVE REVIEW By Cherri Bird OCTOBER 13, 2017 & CODE ORANGE, TORCHE CURRENT RECORD: MAGMA | ROADRUNNER RECORDS Joe Duplantier - Guitar, Vocals | Mario Duplantier - Drums | Christian Andreu - Guitar | Jean-Michel Labadie - Bass Since 1996, this group (then known as Godzilla) - GOJIRA has whittled


SPIN GODDESS: Female Rock-Jockeys Writing the History of Metal as it Happens Metal Angel. "WCR247" By Michael Aronovitz I met Metal Angel (Wikked Liss) almost two years ago now, and I consider myself lucky, not necessarily because she owns and operates a kick-ass Internet rock radio station called WCR247 (and she does). It


"SPIN GODDESS" by Michael Aronovitz Female Rock-Jockeys Writing the History of Metal as it Happens Midnight Furie and The Pleasure Principal It comes down to the question of why we listen to music in the first place, and the baseboards, bare bones, grass roots, and primary semiotics tell us that it finally

TrueMetal.it interview with “Brian Slagel” (Metal Blade) By Tarja Virmakari Of Metal Shock Finland.

TrueMetal.it interview with "Brian Slagel" (Metal Blade) TOPICS OF INTEREST: (0:20) Now that the book is written, what are your feelings? (1:14) When was the moment you decided to write it with Mark Eglinton? (1:55) The name of the book: “For The Sake of Heaviness” is the song of Armored Saint… (2:29) Lars Ulrich wrote in his foreword: “When


26 YEARS LATER FINDS THE ORIGINAL CLUTCH WITH NO NEED TO REPLACE ANY PART "BY CHERRI BIRD" Funny thing about CLUTCH, at a glance let’s say by a promo pic, I don’t see a band that has been around since 1991 (ya, you read that correct). And in just hearing the name,

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