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Winterhearth – “Metalheads Forever Anthem”

Winterhearth - "Metalheads Forever Anthem"  Lyrics Thrashing in a, lawless rage Breaking free, society’s cage Spinning records to, hear our sage Us against them, war is waged In the pit, out of breath Moshing fierce, dance of death Opening up, Gates of Hell Overwhelmed, music’s spell Music’s spell, gate of Hell Music’s spell, gates of United we stand, together as one Metalheads

MHF “Anthem” by WINTERHEARTH (Special Video Clip)

Thanks so much Brittany Walsh, Andrew Marsh and Jay Rollins for making this amazing track. I'm so very proud to know you guys and have you with the Metalheads Forever family. Special thanks to all members of Winterearth for their time and dedication to our community. It was a very

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