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Metalheads Forever was created on October 15th, 2010 because of a life long love and passion for Metal. It was started with the intent to satisfy some of my Metal needs as well as a few close Metal friends. Like any great thing it started with one, then two, then three and nine years later 165,000 plus members and fans make us one of the biggest and baddest Metal entities on the face of the Earth. What started out as a hobby and purely for fun has turned into something very special. I was not prepared for this in the beginning. When we started to grow so did my vision of what we could be and what we could become. Day by day, week by week and yes year by year I could see that this was a Globally shared passion with very few outlets to just be a Metalhead. A place to enjoy the company of lifelong Metalheads and like-minded people. So here we sit some 9 + years later, 12  subgroups covering nearly all sub-genres, being a force on all social platforms from Twitter to Youtube and everything in between. As you can see we just finished our Website and Blog and even started our very own online Magazine. We have come a long way since that first member joined indeed. This is just the beginning for MHF, we are intending to be a force within the Metal World and plan on growing and expanding to all 4 corners of the Earth. We want to bring Metal and all Metal entails to the masses and provide that said outlet for every fan in the World to come and enjoy what we have to offer. We are growing as you read this as a Metal community and as fans and as a family. We will continue to build and grow and supply the needs of all Metal fans new and old and will continue our quest for “WORLD METAL DOMINATION”. We also will provide to our bands, agents and affiliates and partners of the now and of the future one hundred percent professionalism and dedication in getting the music to the people, getting the word out that Metal is alive and very well and we are the place to be to find all your Metal music needs. The future is very bright indeed and together we can show the world that METALHEADS FOREVER is more than just music but a place to come and be yourself and find what interest you and what you’re looking for, we are and will continue to be your one stop Metal zone. Let’s move forward together as Metalheads Forever and let’s lead the way to \m/ WORLD METAL DOMINATION \m/

CEO Metalheads Forever : David Maloney