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Amorphis Interview

Amorphis Interview With Tomi Koivusaari By Gothik Divaa In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Finnish metal band “Amorphis”. They are going to talk about their career, the upcoming album "Queen Of Time" and the projects for this 2018. Hello guys … How are you today ?, greetings from


HELLSINGLAND INTERVIEW By John Paul On February 14, a band named HELLSINGLAND from Sweden released their first EP, called Tystnaden. MHF had a chance to interview their vocalist and co-founder, Erik “Hellbergam” Hillströms. Hi there Erik, greetings from MHF family! How's your day? Hello! The clock is 7 am here in Sweden. I worked


APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA INTERVIEW + THE END IS NIGH 1ST ANNIVERSARY RETRO ALBUM REVIEW by John Paul Romero If you are already a fan of doom metal and doom metal bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Black Label Society, and want something new, Apocalypse Orchestra might be the right one for you. They

Iron Jaw Interview

Iron Jaw Interview  By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?   RICK PERRY: We are doing excellent.   RICH STAFFORD: All is well in the IRON JAW world, thanks.   Iron Jaw is new for many of us, can you please tell us about the band? Can you tell us or introduce

In Conversation With The Team Behind Heavy Montreal

In Conversation With The Team Behind Heavy Montreal By Dillon Collins The ‘M’ at the beginning of Montreal should really stand for metal at this point. It’s no secret that the city has spawned some of Canada’s best heavy metal outfits – Cryptopsy, Augury, Despised Icon and Katakalysm all hail from Montreal,

The Unguided Interview

The Unguided Interview By Santtu "Rebel" Kaskela THE UNGUIDED… Melodic Death straight from Sweden A five-piece melodic metal band from Sweden, formed in 2010 by Richard Sjunnesson, after his departure from Sonic Syndicate. Later, he was joined by (also former Sonic Syndicate singer) Roland Johansson, and guitarist Roger Sjunnesson and current Cipher System

Life Curse Interview

Life Curse Interview By Gothik Divaa The American Metallers “Life Curse”, will be with us in this issue of “Metalheads Forever”, talking about their career and the album “The Wolf You Feed”. Hello guys ! Greetings from Mexico City,First of all congratulations for your album .You have been in this journey for

The Sluagh Interview

The Sluagh Interview By Steven Smith With the band containing progressive and death metal based structures, how do you find the best middle ground to make these influences comes together in unison? The structure of a song is something that can be as elaborate or as restrictive as you see fit. The real

Suicidal Tendencies – Get Your Fight On Album Review

Suicidal Tendencies - Get Your Fight On Album Review By Adam McCann Suicidal Records Crossover/Hardcore Punk 2018 Throughout their career, Suicidal Tendencies have worked hard to become one of the seminal crossover bands and even just their name carries a large amount of honour and weight. Still led by the indomitable Mike ‘Cyco’ Muir, Suicidal