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Interview With Red Riot

Interview With Red Riot By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how you guys are doing? Hi Keith! Thank you very much for this interview! We’re busy with this album stuff, but we’re very happy!    Could you please tell us about your new album “Seek!Kill!Burn!? Seek! Kill! Burn! is our first album,

MHF Member Band Of The Month “Seven Thorns”

MHF Member Band Of The Month "Seven Thorns" By Shadoe Moon Seven Thorns is a Danish power metal band formed in 2007 and based in Copenhagen. They released their debut cd “Return to the Past” in 2010 through Nightmare Records. They then toured. europe in support of their release. They played as support

Out Of The Shadoes “Aska”

Out Of The Shadoes "Aska" This month we travel north to the music rich country of Sweden. If you travel north and follow along the Skellefteå River about 15 kilometers from the Bothnian Bay open sea you will come to the city of Skellefteå where you can find the female fronted band

Bloodbath ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’ Album Review

Bloodbath ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’ Album Review By Adam McCann Peaceville Records - 2018 - Death Metal When Bloodbath released their 2014 album ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ with Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost replacing Mikael Åkerfeldt who once again left Bloodbath to concentrate on Opeth; none could predict the success and critical

Alice In Chains ‘Rainer Fog’ Album Review

Alice In Chains ‘Rainer Fog’ Album Review By Adam McCann BMG/AIC Entertainment - 2018 - Alternative/Grunge/HardRock Five years have passed since Alice In Chains (AIC) released their excellent ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ album. This was an album that was so good, it left fans of AIC begging for more, yet following an