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Alase – ‘Vastaus’ Album Review

Alase - ‘Vastaus’ Album Review By Adam McCann Inverse Records/Atmospheric Metal For Alase, their debut album ‘Vastaus’ has been over a year in the making. But far from endless takes and fiddling with mixes, Alase were hampered by losing drummer Janne Kusmin back to his parent band of Kalmah. However, a replacement was

Interview With Alase

Interview With Alase By David Maloney Your material is highly melodic and with the lyrics in Finnish, it provides a unique emotional feel when it comes to tracks like Vielä. Being from Finland, a land that is no stranger to melodic metal, has it contributed to the sound you have establish

“Alase” has released a new single video!

Finnish band Alase has released a new single with their first music video Alase are an atmospheric metal band from Finland. Our music is a melting pot of various metal genres, but our main focus is on the melody and atmosphere. Musically, Alase has similarities with bands like Katatonia, Swallow The

“ALASE” Interview

"ALASE" Interview by David Maloney Hello, I would like to start off by thanking you for joining us for an interview with Metalheads Forever Magazine. How are you? How are things in the world Of Alase? Thank you for having us! We have definitely enjoyed your Facebook groups and from them we


Alase is a project band from Finland. Their music is a melting pot of various metal genres but the main focus is in the melody and atmosphere. The lyrics are in Finnish language. Alase is using different vocalists on each song and they release one song at a time. This

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