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AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Cover of ABBA Hit “Lay All Your Love On Me”

This is ABBA-Metal! AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Cover of ABBA Hit “Lay All Your Love On Me” Pre-Order New Album, Looking For You, HERE! Melodic ABBA-Metal from Finland - A poetic sound rises with AMBERIAN DAWN With their first single, “United”, already providing a hint of the musical direction their new album Looking For You is headed, AMBERIAN DAWN’s new version of ABBA’s

Amberian Dawn Interview – By Santtu Kaskela

Amberian Dawn   Formed in 2006 and since the beginning Amberian Dawn has delivered some powerful, thunderous metal music with symphonic and also classical elements, created a world of fantasy for everyone to join in. Fans around the world, 8 studio albums, lots of touring and openings for festivals around the Europe…

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