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Anvil – Plugged In Permanent Review

Anvil - Plugged In Permanent Album Review by Adam McCann Label : SPV/Steamhammer Records Year : 1996 Crank it to 11 Lips has stated in several interviews that if it wasn’t for Germany and Scandinavia during the 90’s then Anvil would have gone their separate ways. It was these countries love of heavy metal

Anvil – Pound for Pound Review

Anvil - Pound for Pound Album Review by Adam McCann Label : SPV/Steamhammer Year : 1988 Pounding the world By the late 80’s, Anvil should have been capitalising on their frankly, brilliant albums, however a lacklustre first release on a major label in 1987 with ‘Strength of Steel’ applied unwanted pressure as their peers

Anvil – Worth The Weight Review

Anvil - Worth The Weight Album Review by Adam McCann Label : SPV/Steamhammer Year : 1992 An overlooked gem in the Anvil catalogue After a steady stream of albums and back to back releases of ‘Strength of Steel’ and ‘Pound for Pound’, Anvil took some time to release their next album and as always

“ANVIL” Interview

"ANVIL" Interview by Christina Thompson First off, congratulations on the release of your 16th album, Anvil is Anvil (February, 2016)! Since the release of Hard ‘N’ Heavy (1981), Anvil has had quite the interesting run—and it doesn’t appear that you are anywhere close to stopping anytime soon. What is it that

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