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Interview With Trank

Interview With Trank By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever, I’m Keith the Editor In Chief of the magazine, How you guys doing? Ferench. You ? (Naah - we’re good, thank you. Working hard on completing the first album. Blame the bad joke on the caffeine.) Please tell us about Trank, how it was

Interview With Crossbones

Interview With Crossbones By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editor In Chief, how are you guys doing?   Thank you Keith. I am Olsi Ballta, founder/vocalist of Crossbones. Nice to meet you.   Earlier this July you released “The Awakening” tell us how is the overall reception of the album so

One way trip to Eternity

One way trip to Eternity By Chelf The best piece of being a part of a huge metal magazine is getting tones of inspiration on a daily bases. People send recommendations, bands send demos, and readers tag me with songs they think I will like. This is how I first heard about

Obsidian Tide – Review & Interview

Obsidian Tide - Review & Interview By Zohar Belkin   Prologue Formed in 2012 in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, Israel, Obsidian Tide are Oz Avneya (guitars and clean vocals), Shachar Bieber (bass and harsh vocals) and Erez Nadler (drums and programming). The band’s debut EP Debris, an ambitious concept album, was released in 2015

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise By Chelf Edge of Paradise introduced a new universe recently and enraptured planet earth. We had a chat while they embark on a journey with Sonata Arctica. If you could choose one single thing to differentiate you from the rest of female fronted rock

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION

Afternoon Tea With DESTRUCTION Chelf | MHF | August 2019     It was 4pm. Perfect timing for a thrash metal, afternoon, tea-party. I invited Schmier of Destruction for cream tea and cake. It was David’s idea, my CEO who was clearly joking, but learned his lesson not to give me any crazy ideas. Schmier was happily surpised. ‘I don’t

We grew into the genre – Interview with Gallia

We grew into the genre - Interview with Gallia By Rainer Kerber   The small Benelux state of Belgium can certainly be described as a stronghold of female fronted metal. Thirteen times a festival for rock and metal bands with a female singer took place near Brussels. Several thousand fans from all over

A Night With The “Spaceman” Who Forged Metal.

A Night With The “Spaceman” Who Forged Metal. By Jet Pace Having interviewed numerous musicians, one of the most common and important questions I always ask is “Who were your early influences?” “KISS” is ultimately included in answers that many legendary musicians give. Recalling all, Pete Evick, lead guitarist and organizer for Bret

Interview With Kittie

Interview With Kittie By Laura Williams, Vinyl Lollipops, Rock Rage Radio, AL Kittie is: Morgan Lander, Mercedes Lander and Tara Mcleod   Laura:  What genre of music do you consider Kittie to be? Kittie: Mercedes - I would consider Kittie to be metal. I think anything beyond that would be pigeonholing the band. Laura: What's the ultimate direction for your

Ironflame On Tour In Europe

Ironflame On Tour In Europe By Rainer Kerber Until recently I was not aware of the band Ironflame. Or should I rather say band project. If you look on the Encyclopaedia Metalium, you will find only one name in the lineup: Andrew D'Cagna. He obviously plays all the instruments on the two

Rage For Order Interview

Rage For Order Interview By Keith Clement Greetings from metalheads forever magazine how are you today? Everything good thanks! Tell us about rage for order the band might be new to some of the metal maniacs around the world? Well, our band grows up focused on metal music! What makes our music different is the

Evolucija Interview

Evolucija Interview By Keith Clement Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today? Ilana: Thanks, we are doing very well! We enjoy the summer in Serbia. We have a lot of sunny days here and the temperature is mostly over 30 degrees Celsius.   Can  you please tell us about Evolucija, how the band