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Nereis Review

Nereis Soundtracks and Emotional Dynamics Review By Michael Aronovitz Nereis is a band recently signed by Eclipse Records (this past January), and their album Turning Point had its worldwide release June 8th, 2018. A celebration this must have been! It is a thing of wonder to be a part of something right at

Naberus – Cornerstones and Monoliths Review

Naberus - Cornerstones and Monoliths  Review By Michael Aronovitz Naberus will release their sophomore record titled Hollow, worldwide, June 29, 2018, and I look forward to the reaction in the marketplace. Frankly, the music of this project hits you square in the face, and it seems that what has developed as a

Kill For Eden Review

Kill For Eden Review by Michael Aronovitz Raunchy, Raucous, and Right up the Spine I heard a song Friday night that was absolutely electrifying. It was featured on The Midnight Hour, one of my favorite radio shows (Crowzone) that stars Spin Goddess Midnight Furie, playing hard dance music the first half hour, hard

Swirl – Review

Swirl - Review by Michael Aronovitz Rockers Building a Fortress I use the word “building” in my title, because California rockers Swirl aren’t done yet. They are at that awesome start of what will arguably become a magnificent journey, similar to when you decide to change your life, and you walk outside taking

Lillye – Reinventing The Deal Review

Lillye - Reinventing the Deal Review By Michael Aronovitz Virginia Lillye is the lead vocalist for the breakout band Lillye, and when we get our hands on their debut album Evolve, scheduled for worldwide release through Eclipse Records May 18th, 2018, it will be the glorious unveiling of a bizarre superstar. Virginia

Ravenscroft – Stand Up Review

Ravenscroft “Stand Up” Pre-Release for the Coming EP – Rebel. By Michael Aronovitz Ravenscroft is organizing their coming out party in a delicious unveiling process that is frankly, leaving fans breathless. While the EP in full titled Rebel does not come out until March, we have been afforded grand teasers, almost like magnificent movie

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