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"OBITUARY" SELF TITLED CD REVIEW The self titled Obituary album surprised me more than I had thought it would have. I anticipated the album and got it the day it was released on March 17 which was St. Patrick's day (which is kinda special because my name is Patrick) the first

“Obituary” – Obituary Cd-Review

"Obituary" - Obituary Cd-Review by Geir Olaisen Obituary is one of the real pioneers of Death Metal, they started as early as in 1985 under the name Xecutioner. In 1989 they came out with their first album Slowly we rot, a real death metal classic and the year after they gave

“Obituary” Interview

"Obituary" Interview by Shibalika Tamuli Welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine, I'm finding it impossible to describe what a huge honor it is to have you guys with us, thank you very much for your time. How have you been? Busy with the upcoming album I guess? Yes we have been staying very

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