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RAM ‘The Throne Within’ Album Review

RAM ‘The Throne Within’ Album Review By Adam McCann Metal Blade Records/Heavy Metal For fans of trad metal, it is truly a golden time to be alive. This is one movement that can be looked back on with the same prosperity and love that movements such as NWOBHM and thrash get. RAM have

Ram – Rod Album Review

Ram - Rod Album Review By Adam McCann Label : Metalblade Records Year : 2017 Battering Ram Two years have passed since Ram released their previous studio album ‘Svbersvm’ which took the template laid down on their debut ‘Forced Entry’ and expanded it making Ram one of the hottest bands from Sweden with that classic

Ram Interview With Oscar By Keith Clement

RAM RAM is a  heavy metal band formed in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 1999. They have 5 full length albums so far, the band has been keeping the traditional Heavy Metal and they believe that this is the true metal and this is what they will be doing. We Interviewed the

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